June 21, 2024

5 Ways Plumbing Experts in San Antonio Can Help You Save

Many San Antonio locals wait until they have water pooling in their shower pans and tubs or massive plumbing leaks to contact plumbing professionals. Although calling plumbers during emergencies is always better than performing do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs, there are many ways in which regular, preventative service and timely interventions can protect your home and save you money.

1. Identify Slow and Hidden Leaks

Scheduling annual whole-house plumbing inspections gives plumbers the chance to identify and resolve slow and hidden leaks. Leaks like these can fester unnoticed for months while causing drywall, flooring, baseboard, and subfloor damage. Often found at loose appliance connections, in crawlspaces, and behind drywall, these issues are significantly cheaper to resolve early on.

2. Extend the Lifespans of Water-Reliant Appliances

If you have high water pressure in your home, your dishwasher, washing machine, and other water-reliant appliances could be sustaining accelerated wear. Moreover, much of the water that you’re paying for is probably gushing down your drains unused. When plumbing experts in San Antonio, TX, identify problems with high water pressure, they install pressure-reducing valves and take other measures to prevent equipment damage and water waste.

3. Resolve Clogs and Other Drain Issues Without Causing New Problems

Your first instinct when encountering a stubborn drain clog could be to dump a simple, store-bought drain cleaner in. Although these products are cheap, using chemical drain cleaners could cost you a veritable fortune in the long run. When these solutions don’t “eat” through blockages and rapidly move through pipes, they’re often caustic or corrosive enough to cause significant pipe damage. At Anchor Plumbing Services, we use drain cleaning methods like hydro-jetting and hydro-steaming that clear pipe obstructions and leave pipe interiors open and pristine.

Even simply plunging or snaking your own drains could cause more harm than good in certain instances. For instance, if a dropped toothbrush, razor, bath time toy, or razor cap has caused a sink, shower, or toilet clog, these mechanical drain cleaning methods could force the obstruction deeper. Before removing plumbing obstructions, our plumbers first identify their locations, dimensions, and materials. This way, we can employ the least invasive and most effective repair methods.

4. Prevent Water Heater Tank Ruptures

Routine water heater maintenance can significantly lower your water heating costs. For standard storage-based water heaters, it can also limit the risk of tank ruptures. Having plumbers regularly replace sacrificial anode rods reduces both corrosion and general tank wear. It also extends the lifespans of these appliances. This is especially true when paired with as-needed tank flushing.

5. Avoid Whole-House Plumbing Backups

Whole-house backups are among the worst plumbing emergencies San Antonio homeowners can experience. The good news is that plumbing systems exhibit multiple symptoms prior to these events. For instance, although it’s not uncommon to have one or two dirty drains, having blocked or slow-moving drains throughout the entire building is cause for concern. Putting a plumber on the job right away will restore drain functionality and keep solid waste and wastewater from backing into your home.

With regular plumbing maintenance and timely repairs, San Antonio plumbers can save you cash and protect your home’s value. To find out more or schedule a plumbing service, contact Anchor Plumbing Services today.

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