June 21, 2024

Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fencing is popular among homeowners because it enhances the visual appeal of their properties. Imagine, however, if you did not perform routine maintenance on the fence. It would most certainly be an aesthetically offensive sight. This does not mention how harmful rust can be if the metal in question isn’t checked and maintained appropriately.

Your wrought iron fence will not only endure for a long time but also continue to look excellent if you maintain it properly. Routine upkeep, which should be performed between two and three times a year, should be sufficient to keep these fences in good condition. Continue reading this article if you have a wrought iron fencing system at your property to learn how to maintain it properly.

Maintain Routine Inspections of Your Fence

Beyond cleaning your fence two to three times a year, you should also set aside some time to perform routine checks. Be on the lookout for missing parts or pieces that are broken. If you find them, you should get them fixed as soon as possible. You should also ensure that any weeds or vines growing on the fence posts are removed.

Guidelines for the Upkeep of Your Fence

Wash your fence down with some warm soapy water to get it clean. Clean the entire length of the fence by wiping it down with a gentle cloth dipped in water. Removing any debris that has become stuck to the post over time is vital. When this is finished, you can remove the soap residue with water and let it air dry. After you have washed it, you can hang it outside to dry in the sun.

It is important that you take precautions to avoid doing anything that could void your warranty or cause damage to your fence. If possible, avoid allowing soap to dry on the fence because doing so may harm the components from which the fence is constructed. You might also be able to use a pressure washer to clean your wrought iron fence; however, the pressure setting on the machine must be low. If you are interested in giving this a shot, you should consult an experienced fencer before getting started.

Methods for Getting Rid of Rust Spots

If you want to get rid of the rust spot, you need to buy a brush with thin wires rather than a brush with heavy wires. Use it on rust spots, adding the use of sandpaper if needed. After that, use warm and soapy water to remove any rust particles that may still be present.

Once it has had time to dry, the damage can be fixed by using a rust converter comprised of tannic acid, a protective spray, and paint created with an oil-based medium. You can ask your fencing company if they have repair kits or if they can suggest alternate steps for maintenance.

Perform a Quality Check on the Hinge and Lock Mechanisms

In addition, you need to inspect the hinges to determine whether or not they are in good enough shape to be used. If you hear a creaking sound emanating from the hinges, this is a sign that they require some oil to be applied to them. In light of this, you should be sure to oil them as soon as you notice the problem. However, applying lubricant to the hinges of the iron fence once a year is one of the most effective ways to ensure that the fence will continue to be in good condition.

When Choosing Your Wrought Iron Fence, Here Are Some Things to Consider

Let’s start with the manufacturer’s plant, where everything was assembled, shall we? When selecting a manufacturer of wrought iron fences, you should avoid concessions on important criteria such as availability, quality control, and reputation.

It is essential to inquire about customer service provided by the manufacturer as well as the manufacturer’s reputation. If the information you read or see about them does not convince you, you should go to the next company.

While researching and asking questions, take notes on their social media profiles and website. It is in your best interest to conduct thorough research on any firm you are considering doing business with. You might also ask your family and friends if they know anyone with the type of fence you’re looking for. Get as much information as you can, especially considering that you will be making a financial investment in something that you want to last for a long time.

Because the wrought iron fence will play an important role in ensuring the protection of your home, you must have a solid understanding of how it is constructed.

If possible, you should avoid purchasing a fence whose metal components need to be assembled using nuts and screws. Read the reviews of any fence you come across to find out what other people have used a product similar to the one you are looking at.

It is not reasonable to expect that your pets will be able to pass through the space in between them. Additionally, keep in mind that the durability of the materials, as well as how the fence is built, will have an effect on how long it will survive.

Next, you should pay great attention to the components that come standard with the kit if you are doing your own installation. Before making a purchase:

  1. Ensure you get a list of everything comprised of the deal.
  2. Be wary of businesses that employ stamped steel collars instead of the more traditional fence brackets, as these collars often have a lower level of performance.
  3. Check to see a complete set of the required components, such as brackets and screws.

Before you buy a fence made of wrought iron, you should make certain that the company will be able to assist you if something goes wrong. Consider the terms of the warranty offered on the fence. Does the company offer after-sale support and guarantees on the products it sells?

If all of this seems too much, discuss installation with the company. If they can provide you with quality services, there is no reason to do it yourself.


Maintaining your fence routine may be essential to preserve the validity of any warranty you have. If you maintain your fence in this manner, it will remain in good condition for many years. Investing a small amount of time here and there to check on the condition of your fence can save you money in the long run.

Please visit our website at buttefence.com if you have any inquiries regarding installing or repairing wrought iron fences. We have over 25 years of combined expertise in the fence industry and look forward to helping you with your fencing needs.

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