February 22, 2024

What do you have to learn when choosing a bathroom mirror?

Getting a bathroom mirror needs to take into consideration. But the ideal mirror for your vanity will have a significant impact on your overall bathroom. There are things you have to think about when you are about to shop for bathroom vanity mirrors. There are different options for you once you limit it down and you are sure about it. These are the things that you have to think about when you have plans on buying a bathroom mirror.


It will depend on the size of the mirror on what vanity you need to have. When a mirror is big enough it will take up all the space in the wall and it can show that it is off balance. Also measuring the height before you buy can be helpful. As you don’t want to have a mirror in your bathroom that is taller or it is too short.


You have to think about whether you like to have an oval or rectangular mirror. These are the familiar shapes that you can find but other shapes are available when you want to have them. You can make your mirror-like an art in your bathroom so you can try different shapes.


When you choose to have a big mirror, using a frame will not be needed. It will take all the length of the vanity and it touches all the sides of the ceiling and the vanity. But when you have a small mirror you need a frame. It will look like it is customized and will match your bathroom design or cabinetry.


You have to ensure the colors will coordinate with the other materials in the bathroom. You can match the color to your vanity cabinetry and choose colors that contrast with your bathroom. It will make an aesthetic look.

Decorative frame

A detailed and thick mirror frame can fit in the bathroom for many reasons. It can blend well with the white and red tile which also matches the finish of the fixtures and sink. The double frame can result in artwork that helps to put the small details altogether. The size is ideal for the vanity and it allows it to place the lights on every side.

Extra storage

Mirrors are the best way to get extra storage inside the bathroom. The bathroom that has a pedestal sink will look good with the design but it gives more room for the storage. A small mirror that has a wooden shelf can add storage without consuming all the space. When you have a shelf that is the same shape and size you can make a mirror. You can customize the color and pick the right size of the mirror for a project that can add design to your bathroom.

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