June 21, 2024

6 Ways Coatesville Cooling Experts Can Increase Your Home Comfort and Save You Cash

Using the cooling system in your Coatesville home shouldn’t cost a veritable fortune. With the help of seasoned HVAC technicians, you can optimize the performance of your air conditioner, ductless mini-split, or central heat pump. The following are six ways in which DiBiase Heat & Cooling can increase your home comfort and reduce your spending.

1. AC Tune-up Service

Having your air conditioner serviced in late spring or early summer will limit the risk of mid-season problems. It will also prime your cooling equipment for reliable and consistent performance while promoting high indoor air quality (IAQ). If you’re diligent about scheduling yearly preventative maintenance, you’ll have fewer carpet and textile fibers, dust motes, and other allergens floating throughout your home. You’ll also have lower cooling costs and a much smaller carbon footprint.

2. Smart Thermostat Installation

According to ENERGY STAR, installing a smart thermostat could save you up to 8% on your annual heating and cooling costs. Smart thermostats make it easy to adjust temperature settings when leaving for work, going to school, or just before arriving home. These learning devices can store multiple preset temperature settings. Over time, they also become increasingly adept at adjusting themselves to reflect the changing needs and locations of building residents.

3. HVAC Air Duct Maintenance and Repairs

Dirty, damaged ducting can greatly increase your summertime cooling costs. If your HVAC air ducts have loose connections, rips, tears, perforations, or other air leaks, much of your cooled air will wind up behind your drywall.

We offer new ductwork installation, duct maintenance, and duct repairs. Most residential HVAC ductwork lasts approximately 15 years. If yours is two decades old or older, you can limit AC stress and improve the overall efficiency of your cooling system by scheduling duct replacement today.

4. The Installation of Integrated HVAC Accessories

HVAC systems offer both temperature and humidity control along with limited air filtration. In some homes, it may be necessary to have additional support. We offer cutting-edge IAQ improvements like air scrubbers, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers. Whether you have too much moisture in your indoor air, overly dry air, or an abundance of airborne allergens, pathogens, and chemical contaminants, we can help. With the right IAQ accessories, everyone in your home will breathe a bit easier, your HVAC air filters will last longer, and your air conditioner will have fewer wear or stress-related problems.

5. Access to Cutting-Edge Home Cooling Technologies

When the time comes to replace your home cooling equipment, you can work with cooling experts in Coatesville, PA, to find the perfect models and equipment types for your needs, goals, and budget. You can find heat pumps and mini-split heat pumps with variable-speed technologies and efficiency rates of 300% or higher. We also offer variable-speed air conditioners and central ACs with highly efficient chiller compressors.

6. Rapid Response Times

Oftentimes, the best way to limit your AC repair costs is to schedule service right away. The longer that air conditioner problems fester unchecked, the more damage they ultimately cause. When you work with a company like ours, you can look forward to rapid response times, competitive pricing, and quick, accurate, and easy-to-understand estimates.

There are many ways in which cooling experts in Coatesville, PA, can help you save while improving the comfort and safety of your home. To find out more or schedule AC service, contact DiBiase Heating & Cooling now.

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