February 21, 2024


Setting up a private lift may make your property completely accessible and future-proof, making it a terrific long-term investment. Studies have indicated that it can increase the value of a property by as much as 25%. However, you must understand exactly what you’re getting from your supplier. Do find more information about home lift price

Which type of lift is most suitable for my home?

The kind of household lift that is best for your home will depend on your unique demands and requirements. Consider aspects like the objective, type of user, and quantity of people when working with your supplier to choose the right lift for your property. Our professionals give individualized guidance based on their vast design and installation expertise with lifts.

How much space will a lift take up?

The amount of room required for a lift deployment varies by kind and model; for example, traction lifts require more room than hydraulic versions, whereas platform lifts are more compact. Our ECO Home Lift at Premier Lift Group has a standard dimension of 1100mm by 1250mm, while our Inclined Platform Elevator has a typical dimension of 830mm by 700mm. Whether the elevator is built internally or outside will also affect the amount of space needed because the latter won’t require any additional floor area inside the home.

What safety features does it have?

Any home may have a lift installed by our specialists, who work closely with the architecture of the structure. View past projects to understand how we have modified our strategy to meet various customer demands. Before accepting a project, they undertake site surveys and risk evaluations, and their draftsmen produce site-specific drawings outlining the building work necessary for the elevator installation. To guarantee the safety of your home lift, we have served in a variety of places, locations, types of construction, and working settings.

Can I customize the lift?

Every home need customization since it matches its style, decor, and size. Every style of lift offered by Premier Lift Group may be customized by the user, with choices like LED bulbs, steel frames, or glass constructions. The price of a house lift varies depending on the lift’s style, size, and amount of needed building work. While interior elevators could need more maintenance, external lifts are often less expensive. Our goal is to build lifts that are practical, secure, and aesthetically pleasing at a price that fits any budget.

What customer service will I receive?

Common problems that a lift might have had were worn sheaves, bad bearings, and power outages. Depending on the type of lift, how often it is used, and how many floors it serves, regular maintenance may be required. If maintenance and service are part of your lift provider’s work, find out. Products from us come with a thorough 12-month warranty that covers a minimum of two service visits with the potential for more, based on the lift. Additional aftercare packages come with extra service calls and year-round, round-the-clock call-outs.

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