July 12, 2024
Home Renovation

Be Prepared For Anything Your Home Renovation Throws At You

If you’ve entered the stage of feeling bleak in your home, you may be considering a home renovation. But, take caution; this is best left to professionals!

A home remodel is a major undertaking and should not be underestimated. Still, it is your house, and you want to feel happy, peaceful and proud when you spend time in it. We know how miserable it can be to wake up every morning to make a cup of coffee in a kitchen that literally makes you want to crawl back into bed, but that’s why we do what we do! 

We don’t want to just replace the old with the new. Instead, we want to recreate the space to offer an ambience that gives you shivers down your spine and evokes a feeling of pure serenity. The truth is, there really isn’t anything better than getting home after a long day, and with our skills behind the renovation, it will be your favourite place to spend your free time! 

Outlast Builders wants to help you bring your vision to life, so get in touch with us today!

Essential Tips To Ensure You Are Ready For A Renovation.

The last thing you need right now is a beat-up house full of holes, exposed electrical wires and a faulty toilet, so in the spirit of making all things bright and beautiful, put the hammer down and let the professionals handle it. 

What most homeowners don’t realise is that home renovations are often far more complex and lengthy than anticipated. For example, although it only takes a few hours to knock out the kitchen sink, it could take several weeks to find one you truly like and install it with pristine finishes. For this reason, it really does pay to be realistic in your expectations, both for you and your contractors!

So, to avoid frustrations and disappointments, take some time to apply these tips to your pending remodel: 

Tip #1: Your day-to-day life will most likely be interrupted when renovations begin, so you may not be able to shower when you want to or enjoy a home-cooked meal for a while. So, before renovations are underway, consider finding a temporary place to live so you can continue your normal routine without disruption. 

Tip #2: Expect the unexpected. Every home holds secrets in its walls, floors and structure, and a renovation will most certainly bring them to light. For instance, your contractor may discover that your floors are uneven while doing measurements. They seemed fine for all these years, but now it needs to be rectified before the new floors can be laid down. This is why it’s essential to expect the unexpected. These surprises could result in extended build time and increase the renovation costs, so keep this in mind and leave a little room for the unanticipated. 

Tip #3: Keep an open mind. In the beginning stages of your home renovation, you may already have every design detail worked out to the tee, but this could lead to dissatisfaction later on. After weeks of watching your home change shape, what you originally had in mind may not be so appealing anymore. The truth is, you need to spend time in the space before making any concrete design choices. For instance, the light fixtures may not illuminate the paint colour you chose as much as you thought they would. And the vanity you initially decided on could look too small after shifting the bathroom wall a few inches back. Keeping an open mind will ensure you can choose essential elements with clarity. 

We don’t want you to be the master of disaster or have any regrets. Instead, we want to help you bring your vision to fruition with a seamless experience that makes every long and dusty day worth it! So, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can make your home renovation a success!

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