June 21, 2024

A Brief Guide On Different Types Of LED Grow Lights

If you’re planning to set up an indoor garden or growing plants indoors, you must ensure sufficient lighting. This is because indoor plants don’t get enough exposure to natural sunlight. Over time grow lights have proven to be effective in the production of high yields in comparison to the level of energy they require.

The most widely used indoor grow lights are T5/CFLs (Compact Fluorescents), LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), and HIDs (High-Intensity Discharge). However, you can’t generalize them as they are very different from each other. This post will further guide you through different types of LED grow lights:

  • LED Fixtures

The latest technology has proven LEDs to be effective as grow lights for indoor plants like Cannabis. LEDs were first used in the middle of the 1969s in low-power models. Present-day LEDs are superb in light penetration with low power cost and less heat compared to HID lanterns. However, there are several kinds and designs of LEDs in the market that can offer you efficiency in any kind of growing process.

  • LED Bars

Having more power than the bulb, these are available at a lower cost than the panel. These are usually hanging fixtures that can be adjusted simply to the height that is required for higher penetration of light. Some features like program scheduling can also be availed on a few bar models. It is not as powerful as the panel and is a bit more expensive than one bulb, but needs just a little bit of space to function.

  • LED Panels

LED panels are a system with high power often with inbuilt cooling. It also comes with all features which an ideal LED GROW LIGHT should have. They have many benefits like enabling autonomous maintenance, programmable schedules, ability to modify light spectrum based on plant growth stage.

  • LED Bulbs

You can screw these bulbs on the wall as common light fixtures and they work completely fine. However, one drawback of these lights is that they can work properly only in small plant setups. With these lights, heat is not an issue as they produce the right amount of heat.

These are some of the commonly used types of LED grow lights. You must choose the one that suits your requirements as making a wrong choice can make things go wrong. Don’t forget to consider the size of your setup when choosing the type of LED grow lights.

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