April 25, 2024

Ways to Heat Water in Your Home

While furnaces and other heating sources can provide us with comfort during the cold months of winter, having hot water is something that is crucial all year round. We need it to perform even the most basic of tasks, such as cooking or cleaning. While this could be achieved using cold water, hot water kills more germs overall.

You can get your hot water through a few different fixtures. This article will help you better understand the options you have, as well as the different advantages that they bring to the table. For any of these choices, you can rely on a reputable team member from The Meridian Company to help you install a unit and keep it maintained for years.


Many homes utilize boilers in their home as part of their plumbing system. Usually, these units are fixed in your basement so that it is not in your way. The boiler operates by burning fuel and producing heated water or steam, which is then utilized to supply hot water to the residence. They are a safe option for homeowners as long as they are cared for correctly.

A boiler may survive for 10 to 20 years with proper maintenance, offering families peace of mind about their hot water supply. Modern boilers also have higher flow rates than older versions and added perks like low-noise operation and condensate waste recycling systems. If this option seems right for you, you can depend on The Merdiain Company to provide boiler repair and installation in Okemos, MI!

Water Heaters

Another typical choice for hot water is a water heater, of which you have two choices.


Standard versions of this unit come with a tank that holds gallons of water that will become on demand when you turn on a faucet in your home. Once turned on, the water heater will warm up all of the tank’s contents to meet the temperature standards that you have set.

There are downsides to this type of tank, however. Because it needs to heat up f the tank, it can take time for you to get warm water. You could be standing there for a few minutes before you get any, which can cost you energy use and waste your water. Because of this, Ther Meridian Company might suggest that you move towards a tankless water heater.


These systems heat water on demand, which means that you get the hot water the moment you need it. This cuts on gallons of water that can increase your utility bills. Not just that, but it is always to the temperature that you want. Because they do not come with a tank, these units will also take up much less of your home’s space. Even if the upfront price is higher than a standard one, you will notice a big change in your monthly costs!

Getting Help With Installation

For many, having an on-the-spot hot water source is crucial. You don’t want to stand around boiling your water on a stove all of the time, do you? Not only that but having the luxury of a hot shower can change your mood completely. For these reasons, you really need to consider installing one of the above appliances.

The Meridian Company has been helping East Lansing, Lansing, and Okemos, MI, with all of their hot water sources since 1984. They stand the test of time because of their direct and expert services. You are unique, and so are the solutions to your needs. When you call them in, you can expect customized work each and every time.

From the initial installation to further repairs, The Meridian Company will be there for you so that your home can continue to thrive with hot water. Contact them to find out more about your options and to schedule an appointment with their crew now!

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