July 12, 2024

What to Know About Buying an Electric Vehicle

Purchasing a new vehicle is always an exciting time. You get to go to the dealership and look at an array of shiny, new models that are a definite change from what you currently have. Not only that, but you may even get the chance to test drive out your potential matches. It is almost like being a child again, looking for a brand-new toy.

One vehicle trend that has been on the rise is the electric vehicle (EV). Thanks to companies like Tesla, there are more of these advanced cars on the road. Now that you are seeking out a new car, this might be an option you want to go with. However, before you sign the paperwork, you should be fully aware of what is included in owning an EV.

Powering Your Car

Whenever you think of a car’s energy, you might be thinking about the gas station pumps. You stand there for a while, taking in the fumes as you pay what feels like an arm and a leg. With an electric car, this is completely different. As you can tell by the name, EVs do not run on gas or other fossil fuels. All of their energy comes from a battery.

Because it is a battery, you will instead need to charge your vehicle whenever it is running low. To do this, you will need to find a charging station. Thankfully these are more prominent than they used to be. They don’t even need to be found at gas stations, either. Companies like Orange Electric help make finding stations easier by installing electric vehicle chargers in West Jordan, UT, for businesses and schools alike.

The charge of a battery means that EVs might not get as much mileage as gas-powered cars. So, when preparing for longer trips, make sure your route has charging stations along the way to make sure you can stop more frequently.

Maintenance Requirements

Electric cars are also built much differently than traditional cars. They require less maintenance and are not vulnerable to the same forms of wear and tear since they do not have as many moving parts or exhaust systems. Similarly, because they rely mostly on electronics to function, they are more vulnerable to electrical problems that may necessitate troubleshooting and repair work.

Returning to the battery requires particular care and maintenance to perform effectively. You will need to pick the ideal battery for your needs based on the miles you want to drive your car each day and the sorts of circumstances it may experience (e.g., extremely hot or cold weather).

Make sure that you also have a reputable mechanic located near you that can work with EVs. Even with popularity increasing, not all mechanics are still up-to-date on this type of car.


Electric cars, in the long run, might be able to save you money over their counterparts. Because they run on renewable energy, their power source is much cheaper. However, their initial cost may be a little more pricey, considering their specialized gadgetry and battery. If you want to make an EV your transportation of choice, make sure you have the money to do so.

Electric cars can provide a lot of benefits to their users and to the environment. However, because there are still fewer of them than traditional cars, some of the services they need can be tricky to find. Thankfully, businesses that work with Orange Electric make finding charging stations easier for drivers in West Jordan, Lehi, and South Jordan, UT.

Don’t let some of the disadvantages deter you from considering an EV. All vehicles have their pros and cons. By taking your own needs into consideration and speaking with the dealership, you are bound to find a car that is your perfect match.

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