November 28, 2023

How Do You Know When You Need Water Line Repair Services?

Water supply lines and drainage pipes endure constant hydrostatic pressure and corrosion risks over many years of household use. Knowing when to call a plumbing contractor in Ball Ground, GA, for professional water line inspection and repair services can help homeowners avoid catastrophic pipe failures that lead to extensive water waste and devastatingly costly property damage. Watch closely for these key warning signs from the experts at Performance Plumbing indicating a home’s water line system urgently requires servicing.

Noticeable Drop in Water Pressure

Gradually decreasing water pressure at faucets, showers, and fixtures typically indicates that interior water supply lines are becoming increasingly restricted and narrowed by mineral scale buildup, debris accumulation, or partial blockages. The pressure drops often start small but then accelerate over time as the flow becomes more and more impeded. Don’t ignore slowly diminishing water pressure, as it usually precedes complete clogged line failure.

Rust Spots Forming on Exposed Pipes and Fittings

Also, check any exposed metal pipes, pipe joints, elbows, tees, and water shut-off valves for rust accumulation, flaking paint, discoloration, or corrosion, which reveals larger jeopardizing deterioration issues also likely lie within the interior hidden sections of piping. External corrosion spotted early serves as an easily visible warning that more severe damage is actively occurring within pipe walls not visible from the outside. Addressing corrosion proactively before actual leaks develop is key.

Pipes Rumbling and Vibrating from Flow

Place your hand cautiously on water pipes as pressurized water runs through them. If you feel or hear the pipe system emitting excessive vibration, rumbling, and shaking noises, this indicates interior obstructions, mineral deposits, and general debris accumulation are present and impede normal water flow volumes. Persistent pipe rumbling means repairs must be scheduled soon.

Interior Leaks Causing Wet Drywall or Stained Ceilings

Carefully scan ceilings, walls, and perimeters near plumbing fixtures for moist patches of sheetrock, peeling paint, water stains, or sections of rotten, soft, damaged drywall – all revealing signature signs of chronic water leaks flowing within hidden supply lines buried inside surrounding walls. Unseen leaky pipes can remain out of sight for years while steadily and destructively ruining structures.

Unhealthy High Lead or Contaminant Levels in Water

If recent testing reveals alarmingly high lead content, bacteria levels, or other concerning contaminants present in your home’s drinking water, extensively corroded and failing interior plumbing pipes and connections buried in the walls are likely to blame. Comprehensive repipe services must be scheduled to fully correct the source of contamination and make household water safe for use again.

Major Unexplained Loss of Water Through Leaks

Substantial abnormal spikes in regular water usage seen on utility bills can often indicate a sizable hidden leak exists somewhere within the home’s plumbing system. Take time to listen closely along walls or under sinks for any faint sounds of actively running water when fixtures are off. Significant water loss or usage increases without explanation most likely point to breaches somewhere requiring repair.

Main Water Lines Age Over 75 Years Old

Once a home’s original main water lines surpass 75 years or more in continual operation since initial installation, completing full replacement of all pipes rather than spot repairs or pipe lining becomes the wiser and more cost-effective option. Extremely antiquated pipes simply degrade internally over decades to the extent that epoxy liners struggle to adequately adhere to and reinforce.

Catching and addressing problems early through water line inspection and repair nips more expansive problems in the bud before catastrophic pipe failures result in major water emergencies and disastrous flooded properties. If you notice one or more of these signs, you need a plumber who can inspect and repair your water line. Call Performance Plumbing  to schedule an appointment.

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