April 25, 2024
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Fine Quality Houses in Lakewood, Colorado: How Can You Choose the Best?

How to reconcile real estate investment and passion for skiing in winter or hiking in summer? By buying a condo in the mountains, of course, it’s the best way to treat you to a dream vacation without having to worry about reservations or availability. But before being able to take advantage of such an investment, some precautions are necessary because in the mountains, more than anywhere else, you have to be attentive to the quality of the property, the location and the market prices. These vary from simple to fivefold depending on the reputation of the resorts and the quality of the services offered. As you go for the Lakewood, Colorado Houses for Sale you can expect a lot more there.

Village Resort or Large Domain

The choice of the municipality is first and foremost a matter of personal taste. Some appreciate the villages with many wooden chalets and preserved heritage. The others prefer large, ultra-modern stations. Beyond this criterion, you must take into account climate change because today, the low altitude sites are experiencing a lack of snow cover. Should we shun them? Not sure. The village simply needs to be connected to major ski areas. It must also develop a number of winter and summer activities. On this last point, it is better to choose a station that is active from December to April and in July and August rather than a site that is closed in the summer. Note that some municipalities operate all year round.

Priority to Comfort

This is undoubtedly the most important point for those wishing to invest in the mountains because the behavior of tourists has changed. Today, the trend is space. Vacationers, if the property is rented, no longer want to cram five or six into a studio-cabin of around twenty square meters. The minimum if you wish to rent is 30/35 m² of surface area. Insofar as hotels and tourist residences are moving upmarket, you will have to choose a property that offers comfort, in a building with great amenities (swimming pool, sauna, spa, etc.) to face this competition. In this case, you will pay more for this accommodation. but you will have the assurance of maintaining or even increasing the value of your assets.

A Quality Condominium

Most often, we invest in the mountains in an apartment. You therefore become a co-owner. Before buying, sift through the condominium (maintenance, renovation, insulation to be redone, work already voted on or to be considered, etc.). Imperative: the building must be well managed. This is all the more important since in the mountains, the climate can be harsh, and therefore aggressive for the building. Loads are often high (consider this point carefully). If you opt for a chalet, be vigilant about its general condition and the work to be considered.

Pleasure Buying

You can choose to buy conventionally, freehold, a chalet or an apartment. From then on, you own 100% of the accommodation. You occupy it whenever you want. You decorate it to your liking you leave your belongings there throughout the year. In short, you are completely free. The other side of the coin is that you alone bear the charges (local taxation in particular) and the maintenance costs which can get expensive over the years especially if you have to do a lot of work.

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