April 25, 2024

Find Your Filter Housing Solutions: What Is the Best One?

Industrial water purification might benefit from using water filtration systems.Water filtration systems are suitable for industrial water purification because of the following advantages:

Hard water is a severe threat to the safety of industrial equipment. Water with a high salt and chemical content, such as hard water, may cause corrosion, chemical reactions with equipment and materials, and other problems. Industrial equipment’s lifespan is shortened when it comes into touch with harsh water or chemical pollutants. Corroded equipment may fail and cause major mishaps if it is not taken care of. Industrial water use need water softening. In addition to water softeners and other water treatment methods, water filtration systems are used to enhance the water’s quality. Choosing the stainless steel bag filter housing is a good idea here.

Wastewater from industrial processes is recycled back into the environment. It can’t be reused in its original state since it may include chemicals, filth, industrial waste, etc. Many states and federal governments in the United States have enacted tight restrictions on the discharge of wastewater into the atmosphere. Businesses that don’t follow the rules for water release might be subject to heavy fines or perhaps additional penalties. Since this is the case, water filtration devices are used to remove contaminants from the water. It’s important to note that industrial filtration is critical in industrial settings.

Regardless of the intended use, a water filtration system necessitates a wide range of components, including a variety of filters, devices for separating impurities, and stirrers. It’s important to get these materials from a reputable company like Cannon Water Technology, Inc. if you want to get the best results. In the last decade, this firm has been providing home and commercial water filtration equipment and resources. Lvyuan Industrial has a wide selection of water filtration systems from top manufacturers.

Variety of Filter Housing Models

Filters are not only present within industries, they are also found in various segments such as pharmaceutical, medical-hospital, food and among others, in these fields of activity the filters can perform not only the function of filtering air, but also water. Fuels, refrigerants or hydraulic fluids, bringing together one characteristic in common: the function of the Filter Housing is to protect the filter element.

For models that perform water filtration, a Filter Housing made of stainless steel, aluminum or plastic is indicated, for systems that have water at high temperatures, a Filter Housing made of high-density plastic with external reinforcements of special fibers is used.

The Filter Housing most suitable for hydraulic systems may vary in terms of the material used in its constitution, it can be developed in aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel, the choice of material is subject to the levels of viscosity and the type of fluid that the system encompasses, as well as its inlet pressure and operating temperature.

It is worth remembering that the automotive sector has already replaced a large part of its housings in metal materials by Filter Housing made of plastic, this option was motivated by the great resistance of the material to high temperatures, with the exception of fuel and injection filters, which use housings aluminum or nylon because of their ability to dissipate the generated electrostatic charge.

Protection to Ensure Equipment Lifetime

Since the Filter Housing is highly effective in protecting the filter element, it ensures that it does not suffer from adverse situations such as high temperatures, impacts, corrosion and oxidation, which can damage one of the most important equipment and of wide scope in the most different segments.

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