February 22, 2024

Guidelines for Hiring Pest Control Services in Georgetown

Dealing with a sudden pest invasion at home could be an awful experience. Insects, pests, and rodents can cause more damage than you think, and since Texas weather is typically warm and sunny, pest infestation is a typical concern for homeowners. Insects like termites can cause irreversible damage to wooden structures, while roaches, mosquitos, and other insects like fleas can pose health risks. If you have kids or seniors at home, you have to be even more careful. Pets, especially dogs, are also susceptible to pest-related diseases. If you are looking for pest control Georgetown, TX, we have a few guidelines for your help!

Get an inspection done

It is absolutely important to get an estimate based on an inspection. Professional exterminators in Texas will only offer estimates when they know the job. The inspection helps the pest control experts understand the nature and extent of invasion. For instance, if you have a termite problem at home, they will do a complete check to find if the termites have managed to damage the interiors of your home. If not, they will only work on the exteriors, for which you don’t have to pay a lot. 

Ask the right questions

The first consultation with the pest control experts is the most important one. This is a great window to know the company and its services. You can also ask relevant questions like:

  1. Is your company licensed?
  2. Do you adhere to standard pest control procedures?
  3. How will you take care of the safety concerns?
  4. Do you have insurance?
  5. Do you have an office in Georgetown? 

Keep in mind that many companies end up giving away their work to subcontractors. You have to be sure that they have an in-house team of pest control professionals who are trained, certified, and insured for the job. 

Discuss the other aspects

It is no secret that pest control is a risky profession. The chemicals, products, and pesticides used by companies are not always safe for indoor use, and if you have kids, pets, or older parents at home, your family could be at a greater risk of health concerns. Make sure that you discuss their methods, ways, and equipment. A lot of pest control activities are also damaging to the planet, and therefore, if you can select eco-friendly ways of handling pests. 

Finally, ask the company if they can offer an annual contract, where they check on pest infestation every few months and take appropriate steps.

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