June 21, 2024

Canga Restoration Is Here to Help You Determine When It’s Time for a New Roof

Roofs commonly go through a lot of abuse throughout the day because of the weather and the sun’s rays. So it’s no wonder that they will need to be fixed or even replaced over time. Canga Restoration, one of the leading suppliers of residential roofing services in Schaumburg, IL, will always make sure you can get a contractor to help you out. Thanks to over a decade of experience fixing roofs similar to yours, they are bound to have a solution to make your home secure once again.

Moss Starts to Break Through the Roofing

Moss on or between the shingles is a telling indicator that your roof may need to be replaced. Although moss on the roof may appear to be a pleasant feature that will transform your home into a fairy tale lodge in the woods, it really indicates a potential problem.

Moss does not necessarily indicate that your roof has to be replaced right away. Moss grows naturally on or between the tiles of certain roofs, particularly those in moist or gloomy conditions. Moss, on the other hand, might indicate hidden danger.

The problem with moss is that it absorbs and retains water when it rains. Because water is the primary purpose of shingles, it should be allowed to flow off the roof and into the gutters. When moss is present, it stops moisture from reaching where it should. As a result, the shingles themselves may deteriorate.

Moss stops water from getting into the gutters, enabling it to seep into the shingle layers and cause water damage and mold growth. Over time, this will lead to worse respiratory problems for you and the rest of your family and could also damage the integrity of your home’s structure.

As a result, if you locate moss, you should engage a roofing specialist to remove it and look for signs of long-term damage. If mold is found, you may also need to seek out a mold restoration contractor.

The Attic’s Lighting

Is there any light coming in via the fractures in the beams? If this is the case, some light should be expected. Vents in your home’s gable, soffit, and ridge, for example, all admit a negligible amount of light while still circulating air in your attic.

Whether there is just a limited quantity of light getting in, look for water stains and watch to see whether they alter over time. However, if the water damage is considerable and there is a lot of light in the attic, it’s probably time to repair the roof. You should contact a roofing professional for assistance.

The Roof’s Age

If your roof is growing old for the type of roof it is, it is absolutely time to call a trusted and local roofing company to get an estimate for replacing it. You can completely replace your roof, or if it is covered with asphalt shingles, you may overlay the existing shingles.

The act of placing a new layer of shingles on top of the old ones is referred to as overlaying. It may be 25% less expensive than replacing the roof totally and giving your property a new appearance, but in most circumstances, ripping off the current roof and starting from scratch is better.

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