April 25, 2024

What To Know Before Painting Your House With White Paint

Painting the house doesn’t have to be a headache. With the tricks of professionals such as Oahu Pro Painters – commercial services for example, the walls and ceilings of your home will be beautiful and without major complications.

Simple and sophisticated, white is the most chosen color when painting houses and apartments. As it is a neutral tone, white can be easily combined with other elements of decor and furniture that you already have. However, you need to pay attention to a few details before buying several gallons of white paint to renew the painting of your environment. Check out:

Natural ighting

White is a cool, light-reflecting color, so if any room in your home receives sunlight for most of the day, white will help keep it cool and the temperature more balanced. However, if you live in a cold region or with little sunlight inside the house, white can make the environment even colder – in this case, the ideal is to bet on colored walls or darker tones (such as beige, yellow, light gray or red).


If your home decor is more diverse – with elements of several different colors – white is a great option, making the environment more harmonious and facilitating the combination of colors.


If you live in a region where temperature differences throughout the year are extreme, it is recommended to use white with warmer color pigments (such as yellow or orange). Thus, you establish a middle ground in the house’s ambiance during any time of the year.

Space Size

Suppose your house, apartment, or a specific room is small. In that case, painting the walls, ceiling, and trim – door and window frames – white will give a wider and less suffocating space, disguising shadows, corners, and lines that visually delimit the space.


Give preference to washable or anti-mold paints, especially in environments with higher humidity – such as bathrooms and kitchens. So, if the wall gets dirt or grease marks over time, clean it with a damp cloth, water, and soap – the paint is not harmed, and the stains don’t stand out in the middle of the white.

Beware Of Exaggerations

White may be neutral, but using it alone in all environments will make your home look dull. It is essential to use other colors at strategic points – such as hallways or a single wall in the room – to ensure the life and personality of your space.

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