February 22, 2024

Top Methods For Preventing Rodents In Your Home

There is no point in disputing an obvious fact. Rodents are stubborn creatures. In spite of your best efforts to keep them out, rodents will find a way to hang out in your yard. They will even sneak into your homes and live there sometimes. It follows that you need effective rodent control measure to keep these creatures at bay. Below are smart ways to ensure rodents do not breed and thrive on the grounds of your compound.

Preventive Measures

Most doctors claim it is always better to prevent than to cure. Now, this piece of wisdom applies to rodents and other unwanted creatures. Find a way to prevent rodents from hanging out in your yard and you will do yourself a lot of good.

Tidy Up

Rodents need a combination of food, water and the right environment to thrive. It follows that you can prevent rodents from hanging around your compound by simply keeping the place tidy. Cut grasses near your house and keep the grounds dry and clean. In addition, you should ensure all refuse bins are tightly closed all the time. As long as the rodents have no access to food and water, they will simply stay away from your house.

Seal Entry Points

In the event that some brave rodents decide to hang around your compound, you should make it impossible for them to get into your home. Seal all entry points to your house and always double check to ensure you have not given access to rodents unwittingly. Specifically, you should ensure there are no holes near closets and doors leading to crawl spaces. Block all the holes around pipes leading into your home and look out for cracked foundations or ventilation holes especially in older buildings. You should ensure there are no missing screens in crawl spaces or vents. Always check your doors and windows for holes and seal them immediately you notice any.

Employ the Services of Barn Owls

Barn owls are simply great at discouraging rodents from coming near your house because these birds love to eat rodents. Just install nesting boxes in strategic places for these owls to attract them and they will happily stay around and eat up stubborn rodents near your home.

Rodent Control in Your Home

In the event that some rodents actually make it into your home, you can get rid of them easily. You can use traps to catch these unwanted creatures. You can also fumigate your house or simply buy a few cats. Rodent traps come in many forms including gum, snap traps and electronic traps. If you want to opt for rodenticides, you should consult an expert to do an excellent job for you. Make sure you obey the instructions of the expert you have hired to avoid any unpleasant consequences.

Final Word

Rodents in or around the home is one thing you do not need. If you notice any signs of these creatures in your compound, you should take the right rodent control steps immediately to get rid of them for good.

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