June 21, 2024

How to Spot a Faulty Toilet: Clogs, Running, and Sewer Problems

Since they are often one of the most important components of our houses, it may be really frustrating when our toilets don’t function correctly. Even while a plunger can typically solve the issue, sometimes the damage is too extensive.

You may need to completely replace or repair the toilet in certain circumstances. When that occurs, you should get in touch with one of the most trustworthy Midlothian sewer line repair services like Serenity Plumbing, which guarantees that a professional is constantly on call.

While toilets in our houses may endure a long time, it does not guarantee that they will always work well. Assume responsibility and contact Serenity Plumbing if yours is having problems so they can evaluate it and handle any essential sewage line repair services in Midlothian, VA!

Running Constantly

The toilet should only roar when you flush it. Therefore, if you hear it often, even in the middle of the night, you should be concerned. This may indicate a flush valve overfill caused by a leak in addition to being bothersome.

You may check the flapper by opening the toilet’s back before contacting Serenity Plumbing to determine if that is the problem. This flap serves as a valve while in operation, enabling water to enter and depart. If this component is broken in any way, water will continue to fill the tank until it spills into your bathroom.

Cracks in the Tank or Bowl

Even though your toilet shouldn’t be leaking, a puddle nearby might make you anxious. Older toilets’ porcelain deteriorates and weakens with time. Even if the rest of your toilet is operating correctly, you should get this checked out to avoid more bowl cracking or even probable disintegration.

Flushing Issues

When your toilet doesn’t flush the first time, you may presume that there is a blockage at fault. However, it’s not always the case. If you remove the plunger often, you could have issues even if clogs appear at random. An older toilet’s low flush design causes blockages to happen more quickly.

Installing a contemporary toilet with a low-flow system is more practical and cost-effective in these circumstances. Serenity Plumbing can assist you in selecting the ideal model and will take care of the installation as well.

Vacant Bowls

After flushing, you expect that the toilet will quickly re-fill with new water. If things don’t go according to plan, there can be a deeper problem that has to be resolved. For instance, if it takes a while for your toilet to fill up entirely or if the bowl is still empty after many flushes, your home’s water supply is definitely faulty. This may be the consequence of clogged pipes or a more significant problem, such as a backlog of wastewater caused by floods or plumbing problems. Continue flushing it since stopping will only result in more harm.

Use a Professional

You can fix your toilet on your own by carrying out a few simple tasks. You may use drain cleaners in addition to checking the valves and clearing the drain as necessary. But hiring a plumber like Serenity Plumbing is the best line of action.

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