April 25, 2024

Candle Moulds: What are they?

You can use candle moulds in candle making to create many sizes and shapes. They are used to allow the hot wax mixture to set and harden. This prevents it from slipping onto other surfaces. These moulds allow for the creation of unique shapes that can be used as decorations or gifts.

Most candle moulds have lightweight aluminum, silicone material, plaster, or other plastic materials. To make it easier, you can usually remove the candle mould by separating and splitting it in half. If the candle does not come out of the mould, you can oil it with vegetable oils to make it easier. Some candle moulds are designed to allow continuous threading. The heat will soften and melt the wax, creating a hole through which you can insert your wick.

Candle moulds are available in almost every shape and size you can think of. Standard moulds are available in various sizes to make candles. There are also small trays that can make small candles or votive. Many specialty moulds are available online in holiday shapes, birthday shapes, and shapes of nature, animals, and food.

You will need to make candles other than candle moulds. Candle wax is available in many types, including gel, soy, paraffin, and wick. Also, you’ll need a double boiler for heating the wax. If desired, you can add scented oils or colors. These items can all be found online or at craft stores. Some larger discount stores even have a craft section. Avoid filling candle moulds in front of the sink. Any wax that is accidentally spilled down the drain will cause it to clog and be difficult to get rid of.

It is essential to be safe when making candles. A clear, clean workspace is necessary. You must also be aware of any warnings about essential oils. Melting candle wax doesn’t boil but can cause burns. If candle wax is heated too much, it can cause the pot to become smokey. You should never pour hot candle wax with water. A fire extinguisher is also handy. You should never make candles near children or pets. Also, do not leave hot wax alone. You can avoid accidents and burns by making candles slowly and carefully.

How to Decide Which Mould To Buy?

It is likely that you have now decided to make pillar candles. The choices of moulds are overwhelming. Do you want to go with metal, plastic, or silicone? Once you have selected the material for your mould, there are so many options in terms of size, shape, and style. You want to get the best value for your money. Choose a mould with a high degree of versatility that can be used repeatedly and is easy to clean.

Making Pillar Candles at the Home

Candle-making is a great hobby. It is very easy to learn, requires little equipment, and produces beautiful products. Some moulds are required for making pillar candles. You can either purchase moulds or find moulds that can be repurposed from items in your home.

Polycarbonate Candle Moulds

Most people use polycarbonate moulds for candle making. You can have one or two pieces depending on your preference for more elaborate candles. For floating candles, there are some great polycarbonate trays. The wide selection of shapes available at specialty candle supply outlets includes polycarbonate moulds. The lightweight and durability of polycarbonate moulds make them easy to use and provide a smooth shine for candles. One of the greatest advantages of polycarbonate is that your candles don’t need to cool down in a bath.

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