February 22, 2024
5 Last-Minute Methods Of Adding Value To Your Home

5 Last-Minute Methods Of Adding Value To Your Home

Placing your property on the market can be an exciting opportunity, whether you are looking to capitalise on a strong housing market or move to a new area. While much of a home’s value will be created in the years leading up to its sale, there are a number of last-minute ways that a house can be made more appealing and even more valuable in the months before it features on the market.

If you are looking to boost your property’s presence on the market or make it stand out among other homes in the area, then we have five last-minute methods of improving your home’s value.

New Colour

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the facade of a home works wonders. With the right colour, a property will not only feel fresh, clean, and even in better repair, but it will also be more attractive to potential buyers. There is a growing trend among communities for homes to be colourful and photogenic, stemming from iconic neighbourhoods like Clifton in Bristol.

With a bright and impactful colour, one that still fits well among those homes nearby, a property stands out on the market and gains value from its popularity.

Additional Outbuilding

Properties with a garden are already poised to perform well on the market. However, the addition of outbuildings, especially luxurious structures like log cabins, a home can see a sudden increase in its value. This is because outbuildings expand a living space, offering a greater floor plan for residents to design, creating the opportunity for home offices, guest rooms, and even dining areas in a garden space.

Fix Issues

One way to add value is to mitigate issues in a home that detract from its appeal. Cracks in the wall, draughty rooms, and flaking paint all detract from a home’s value, suggesting the need for repairs, and can be the justification for a lower offer from a buyer. By fixing these issues, a home is freed from any disadvantages and potential negative first impressions.

Welcome The Light

A bright home is a valuable home and, while every seller should make an effort to clear their living space of personal belongings, it is worth removing large assets too, since natural light adds a significant value to a home.

This is because natural light not only creates a pleasant interior feel, more than artificial alternatives but because it also creates a greater sense of spaciousness, which, as many will know, correlates with improved property value.

Save Energy

Reducing the cost of utilities within a property, especially through energy efficiency and insulation, is a fantastic way to reduce overheads and improve its value. Buyers are more likely to feel comfortable paying a higher price if they know that their long-term and regular costs of maintaining the home are less.

There are a number of ways that energy efficiency can be achieved with the most popular currently being the addition of solar panels and replacing windows, since both are affordable and easy to accomplish assets.

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