February 22, 2024

What Jobs Will a Housekeeper Take Care Of?

First and foremost, a housekeeper London is different from that of a cleaner. A cleaner is someone who will take on larger cleaning jobs perhaps once a week in most cases and they are used when you are getting your house ready for sale or a party.

In contrast, a housekeeper is someone who has a regular presence in your home. They will work to an agreed schedule and will have a range of duties.  Therefore, they can take care of a variety of jobs that we will take a look at below.

General Cleaning

They will handle cleaning the house such as vacuuming and polishing but they will also take care of jobs such as washing the laundry, ironing, and making beds. They might also be requested to clean the bathrooms and tiles as well as ensure that all surfaces are clean such as windowsills, tables, window frames and doors.


They will also help to organise the home by making sure that drawers and wardrobes are kept today and that cupboards are neat and tidy. Housekeepers will also ensure that the kitchen remains tidy with all crockery and cutlery placed back in their place. This is also the case with shoes, toys, and any other items as they will make sure that everything has a place.

Manage the Home

Another part of being a housekeeper is that they might be expected to answer the phone or the door and taken any messages where necessary. Should there be any pets in the home, then they will be expected to feed and walk them while they might also be asked to carry out errands for their employer such as collecting shopping or taking items to the post office.

It might also be the case that they inform employers of problems around the home. This could be domestic repairs that are required as well as replacements while they might be expected to arrange for this to be done. Security is also another element of housekeeping that they might be expected to manage so they might have to set the alarm or make sure that windows and doors are locked where necessary.

Take Care of Children

In some instances, there might be arrangements in place where they might be required to take children to school and pick them up from school. They might also be required to look after the children in the home which means arranging food and meals for them as well as laying and serving the table.

There are jobs that a housekeeper should not be expected to do and this can include cleaning the outside of windows, mowing lawns and washing cars as these are considered to be outside of their remit. However, having a housekeeper will enable you to benefit from a cleaner, tidier home and one that is organised. Therefore, if you are considering a housekeeper, it helps to understand what tasks they can take care of for you.


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