April 25, 2024


The trees and shrubs which are growing in and around your property form a crucial part of it. They add to the aesthetic value of the home, provided they are taken care of properly. A property with a beautifully maintained exterior is bound to make heads turn. How do you know what to do to provide the plants in your property with proper care? How do you prevent them from falling sick? An Arborist Report helps you with exactly that and much more. The report by the Arborist provides you with insight into the condition of the shrubs and trees. When you require an arborists report, you must reach out only to the most reputed name in the industry Al Miley & Associates. If you don’t know what an arborist report is, no worries. We will help you understand what it is and why you need it.

What is an Arborist Report?

An Arborist report is a report which offers insight into the condition of the trees and the shrubs that are a part of your property. The report draws a picture of the condition of the trees. This includes the presence of pests and potential diseases. It also includes the site conditions and, whether there are any mechanical injuries that you should be aware of. Based on the health of the trees and shrubs, the report offers recommendations that can help to improve the life of the trees. It might include treating root issues, pest control, injections, fertilization and site remediation.

When do you need an Arborist Report?

One of the reasons to get an arborist report is to get an insight into the conditions of the trees and shrubs growing on your property. It is also a must when you plan to develop a property that might impact the local tree. This is because there are bylaws in place by Municipalities in Toronto which protect certain trees. Even if you are developing a private property, you are still required to have an arborist report.

Why is it essential to have an Arborist Report?

An Arborist report is essential because it provides you with information regarding the health and condition of the trees. The report also details the root cause of the problem and what can be done to alleviate it. When you have an arborist report, it provides you with much-needed insight about when you should remove a tree before it can cause damage to the community. To take down a tree, you need to have an arborist report. Apart from this, the arborist report can help you to come with a management plan that can enhance the trees and shrubs around your property. Also, remove the ones that have poor health or can cause safety issues in the long run. As the report is drawn up by a knowledgeable and experienced arborist, it includes insights and recommendations that can help to enhance the life of the trees and shrubs.

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