June 21, 2024
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Tips To Repair A Dented Garage Door 

Several manufacturers in the market make garage doors with aluminum or steel. While the material is quite durable and requires minor maintenance, they also have the downside of getting dented easily. 

Several reasons like storms, excessive rainfall, floods, and snow can affect the quality of your garage door over time. If it is not maintained correctly, there is more chance that it might damage sooner. So the first step is to maintain the quality of your garage door through regular checkups and minor improvements. 

Usually, if the dents are minor, you can quickly fix them at home; however, if there are some significant dents, you need a La Puerta garage door repair to fix them as they are not very easy to deal with. 

You might even end up hurting yourself trying to fix a big dent, so it is better to call for professional help for garage door opener repair tucson az or garage door repair los alamitos ca and garage door replacement jacksonville fl because they will do it as soon as possible.

Ways to fix your garage door

  • Hammering the dent

If you have a garage door made of aluminum and the dent on it is not very big, you can try to level it with a hammer. Take the hammer and push the dent to match the level of the rest of the garage door. 

While banging the dent, ensure you are careful and do not injure yourself. You might need some tools to fix the dents like water, a wooden, and a hammer, of course. 

For example, wash off the dent and remove any excess dirt; after that, place a wooden block on it, and with the help of the hammer, start pushing it until it reaches the level of the rest of the surface. 

  • Proving some heat

Another effective and standard method is to heat your metal panel in the dented area. Heat the panel with a start to melt the metal, making it flexible to mold and reshape. However, heating ensures that you do not provide excessive heath; otherwise, it will become too moldable, and it might get challenging to maintain the shape of the dent. 

You will need aluminum foil, a lighter, and compressed spray for this method. To follow the process, start by placing an aluminum foil on the dent, apply heat with the help of a lighter, and heat it for about a minute or two. Then quickly remove the foil and spray it with the compressed spray, which will help the dent pop out. 

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