April 25, 2024

Best Modular Kitchen Design Tips by Interior Designer in Nagpur

Designing a kitchen is equally important as any other section of the house. It needs to be designed in a way that you can easily access all your accessories and save time. According to the interior designer in Nagpur, your modular kitchen must be designed with layouts, cabinets, pull-outs, and countertops in a way that makes your life much easier.

In this article, we have shared some very useful modular kitchen design tips to make it look perfect.

  • Your work triangle

Before you start designing your kitchen, identify your work triangle. It is the point that starts with taking the food from the refrigerator, washing it in the sink, preparing it on the stove, and finally serving it. So, serving is your exit point. The triangle should be made between the fridge, sink, and stove. Analyze your kitchen space and draw a rough sketch to understand the layout. 

  • Countertop height

The standard height of your countertop must be decided according to the average height of the people living in the house. It is generally between 820mm and 860mm in India. Consider the height, which makes the work process much more convenient. Also, do not design the kitchen cabinets too high as it becomes difficult for short people to reach there.

  • Kitchen color

Remember that you are going to fry things, use oil, and do various other things in the kitchen. So, the color must be chosen keeping such things in mind. Select the one that is easily manageable for a long time. White kitchens easily look untidy because of the stains. On the other hand, dark colors attract more heat. So, always select a color that is a combination of both to maintain positivity in the kitchen. 

  • Ventilation

Make sure your kitchen has sufficient ventilation to maintain its temperature. When you cook, heat is generated in the kitchen. To maintain the temperature, you can have a chimney, exhaust fans, etc., so that the frying fumes can be easily exhaled. Always make sure that fresh air enters the kitchen. It helps in removing the smell of the food from the kitchen. It also keeps the environment fresh and healthy for the people who work there. 

  • Appropriate lighting

You are never supposed to cook in dim light. Every kitchen must have enough light for a person to prepare a healthy meal for others. This also helps in checking the food before preparing it. It is best if you have sufficient natural light entering the kitchen. It helps keep the environment clean, healthy, and positive. If there is no natural light in the kitchen, make sure there is enough artificial light. 

  • Corner space

While designing the storage space in the kitchen, never ignore the corner space. With the help of professionals and the best interior designers, you can utilize the space more appropriately. In every kitchen, you will never say that the storage space is enough. You will always look forward to more and the professionals can help you in creating some more. 


These are a few tips for people who are trying to design a modular kitchen of their own. Consider these points to work like a professional and make your kitchen space the best place in the house. 

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