May 25, 2022

Which Types Of Rock Are Suitable For Building With Natural Stone In The House?


Quite a few types of natural stone are suitable for building houses. Hard stones such as quartzite or granite are particularly fun when it comes to stress, but slate tiles are also very robust and durable. Don’t be afraid of scratches or small chips! These are natural, usually disappear on their own, and are part of the stone’s appearance. Natural stones such as limestone, travertine, or marble can also be laid in many places in the house with a clear conscience. The be-all and end-all is professional installation and avoiding acidic and abrasive cleaning agents.

Not difficult at all: If you don’t necessarily have two left hands or consider yourself completely untalented in craftsmanship, you can lay natural stone tiles yourself with a bit of skill and know-how. You will find everything you need to know about this, from preparation, laying, and grouting to final cleaning, practical instructions, and download lists for accessories and material in our laying tutorial. Do you not dare to build with natural stone yourself and prefer to have the floor or wall designed by a professional? We have compiled criteria here to help you find a competent tiler.

Indoor Cleaning And Care

The rumor persists that natural stone supplied by Landscaping Stone Supplier for example is sensitive. But if you follow a few tips, you can relax and opt for natural stone when it comes to interior design. A natural stone floor does not require more care than other floor coverings. The only thing you should do without is acidic cleaners and treat your floor to impregnation after the installation as additional protection. Water and other liquids cannot soak into the floor and quickly wiped away.

And outside? Design & building with natural stone

Slate roof shingles and a solid natural stone facade are not everything that an outdoor building with natural stone includes. What can you design outdoors with natural stone? Here is an overview:

Classic: Terrace Design

Especially when the weather is nice in summer, the terrace becomes a second living area, an outdoor living room, where you like to relax. Designing the terrace floor with natural stone is a classic, as it forms the basis for individual accents and design ideas. With travertine slabs, you conjure up southern flair. A touch of Provence comes up when you choose sandstone slabs in bright summer colors for the stone terrace. The naturally split surface structure makes these panels an experience for barefoot walkers.

Limestone slabs are foot flatterers and eye-catchers of a different kind. With processing, bluestone azure slabs get a trendy used look and a velvety soft feel on top. This unusual natural stone looks particularly attractive with a modern terrace design.

With its glittering line structure, the extravagant Urban Gray Line shines with robust delicacy. It doesn’t matter whether you like it more modern or classic: granite offers a subtle and noble basis.

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