April 25, 2024

Want To Buy A Condo: Tips For Buying A Perfect Condo

Buying a condo is the modern way of gaining homeownership. The condo gives you an opportunity of owning a home where you will share amenities with the neighbor, saving you from the hefty expenditure on maintenance. Moreover, having a condo at a prime location gives you investment options. For example, if you own Condo Major Ratchayothin (คอน โด เมเจอร์ รัช โยธิน, which is the term in Thai), you can easily flip it on more price or rent it and make good money out of your investment. 

If you dream of becoming a house owner or investing in a condo, this article is for you. We will provide you the tips on how you can find a perfect condo for yourself. 

What Kind Of Buyer Are You?

If you want to become a house owner, you should prioritize amenities, budget, and condo’s nearness to your office and shopping mall over the location. But if you are looking to invest, the condo’s location should be your top concern. Therefore, you need to consider what kind of buyer you are before hunting for Condo near Major Ratchayothin or any other location.

Find A Good Realtor

The realtor must understand your needs and guide you on the right path. So, go with friends and family recommendations and read some online reviews before shaking hands with a realtor. The realtor’s experience in the field will matter a lot, as more years of working means more knowledge about the landscape. Besides, a good agent will let you through every aspect of the property before you buy it. They will tell you about the resale value, good and bad of property, help you meet with neighbors of Condo Major Ratchayothin or condo at any other location. 

Decide What Amenities You Want To Be Inclusive Of

The next thing to check when buying a Condo Major Ratchayothin is reviewing the amenities. The amenities can range from bare minimum maintenance common parking to more luxurious like a gym, swimming pool, private park, etc. Moreover, the cost of the condo will hugely depend on the amenities. If you are buying a condo for living in it, you will have to consider the monthly payment you will be making for the comforts and maintenance. 

Find A Condo That Has Approval From Housing Administration

You can get a mortgage easily if the condo has permission from the housing administration. Therefore, it would be best if you prioritize finding an approved condo.

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