June 21, 2024

Things you Must Know Before Remodeling Your Home


Even if you have renovated your home in the past, every project consists of unique twists. There are some tips that many homeowners wish they knew or had done prior to remodeling their home. If you are sure you want to renovate your home, you are probably not sure where to start. Many people are in the same boat but end up diving into the renovation process without a clue of what to expect. It’s only after they have suffered through the entire renovation process that they regret not having a plan in place.

Key Lockbox

If you are remodeling your home prior to actually moving into it, and live far away, you should consider purchasing a lockbox key. If you have big projects on your checklist that you can’t take care of on your own, you should hire a contractor. Keep in mind you should attach a lockbox that enables you to give entry to guests with a code, since contractors do start early. This can save you a lot of time, gallons of fuel, and early morning calls.

Spend Time in New Home

It would be best if you held off on making certain decisions such as light fixtures, carpets, and paint colors until you’ve actually spent some time in your new place. For instance, if you plan on replacing an old carpet, you may be overwhelmed with choices. Do you want loose fibers or dense fibers? Are you looking for a carpet with patterns? These answers will all depend on various aspects of the renovation, such as choosing paint colors. When you choose a paint color prior to the renovation even beginning, you may change your mind as you begin to spend more time in the house. Furthermore, freshly painted walls and new carpet can show that you may not need certain light fixtures after all.

Have a Realistic Timeline

Your renovation may take longer than you initially anticipated. To avoid frustration, you should be prepared to make some changes along the way. For example, you may think that replacing a whirlpool tub and an outdated vanity would be a quick change. However, just removing the old fixtures can take several hours. Additionally, it can take several weeks to find replacements. It can also take another couple of weeks until they are delivered. The bottom line is, have realistic expectations about the renovation process and timeline.

Expect the Unexpected

There may be some hidden secrets in the walls, even in your new home. When undergoing a renovation, these things can be revealed. For example, while measuring for your new hardwood floors, your contractor may inform you that your floors are uneven due to a shifted center. Now you must deal with the person who inspected your home and didn’t see these things and have the floor joist fixed before the new flooring can be installed. This is just an example, out of many, that can occur and is why you should always expect the unexpected. Always plan some additional time in your remodeling timeline.

Research Different Contractors

It always pays to speak with various contractors so you can compare bids. For example, if you want to have your water heater removed from a closet upstairs and have a new one installed in the garage, you must find who will present the best bid. One plumber may say it’s too much work, while another plumber may charge you an arm and a leg. Then, you may end up finding a third plumber who can get the job completed in one day and charge you way less than the first plumber. Without reviewing your options, you risk paying too much money and not getting what you want.


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