April 25, 2024

New Ways of Aluminum Window and Door Customization

Aluminium windows and doors have grown in popularity in recent years. Buyers now have a variety of various forms, sizes, colours, and frames to pick from. Customized aluminium windows and doors are an excellent method to express your personality and create a really unique home for yourself. Techniques of aluminum window and door replacement is also mentioned here. 

Customizing aluminium windows and doors to your exact specifications is no longer a time-consuming and confusing procedure thanks to cutting-edge technology. You may customise your aluminium windows and doors in a variety of ways. There are so many Aluminum window & doors suppliers

Glass types

You may choose from a selection of various kinds of glasses, ranging from clear to toughened, in a range of thicknesses. The thickness and kind of glass you choose should be determined by your specifications and intended use.

Tinted– This glass shields you from dangerous UV rays that enter your home. Not only does tinted glass diminish the intensity of white light, but it also creates a feeling of solitude.

Clear– This is a kind of glass with a high degree of clarity that is also referred to as float glass. It is a low-cost, colourless transparent glass that works well with basic aluminium sliding windows.

Frosted– Frosted glass is a translucent material that is not totally transparent but allows light to pass through. It comes in a variety of patterns and styles, including etched and coated, and offers varying degrees of seclusion to suit your needs.

Toughened– For customised aluminium window designs that need an extra-strong glass, toughened or tempered glass should be used. It is ideal for balcony windows and doors, since they add to the house’s protection. Additionally, they contribute to improved and increased energy efficiency.

Laminated– This form of glass is well-known for the enhanced strength and security it provides when used in conjunction with aluminium windows and doors. This glass, which is made by fusing at least two panes together, improves heat insulation and does not shatter when broken.

Glazing selection

You may pick between single or double glazed aluminium windows depending on a variety of elements such as the location of your home, its geographical setting, and other functional needs.

Single Glazed– This kind of window has just one pane of glass. While they are budget-friendly, they may not be the greatest choice if you want exceptional insulation.

Double Glazed– Double glazing consists of two panes of glass separated by a securely sealed area. This significantly reduces noise pollution and also offers excellent insulation, keeping interiors warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Include a mesh

Not only does adding a mesh to your aluminium sliding windows and doors improve privacy, but it also allows for the circulation of fresh air inside the interiors. Additionally, a mesh helps keep flies and other pests at away.

SS Mesh– This mesh is renowned for its great durability and pore geometry stability. This enables the delivery of a protective screen without sacrificing aesthetics.

Fiber Mesh– High-quality fibre mesh is designed to give the highest level of protection while being simple to clean and maintain.


When purchasing aluminium windows, you will have a number of colour options. Alteza offers premium finishes such as polyester powder coating and anodizing in both solid and metallic hues. Additionally, they are exceptionally resistant to staining, scratching, and fading, ensuring that they appear brand new for years. Additionally, using Alteza, you may have one colour on the outside and another on the interior of the frame.

Stunning wood finish

Consider adding a wood finish to your new bespoke aluminium windows and doors or replacing outdated ones. They provide the beauty and richness of genuine wood without the inconveniences associated with it. Additionally, aluminium windows and doors are less expensive than conventional wood windows and doors. Explore our collection of appealing natural wood-look finishes in a variety of hues.

Alteza aluminium frames are crafted from high-grade aluminium metal that resists cracking, fading, corroding, and swelling. Consider our wide customization possibilities and choose from a variety of types, glass, laminates, and colours to create a room that is uniquely yours.

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