November 28, 2023

Kitchen Flooring – Is Vinyl A Good Choice?

Choosing the right kitchen flooring is not easy.  There are a lot of considerations to factor into your decision because getting it wrong is an expensive mistake.

Vinyl is a very popular choice with homeowners, not the least because it has many benefits.  It is a durable and affordable option that will last you many years.  It is economical to buy, easy to install, tough, hard wearing, and painless to clean.  Notably, it is a particularly useful type of flooring for households with children and pets!  It can be easily cleaned with a damp mop, which makes it a good option for these families.  Vinyl also resists mold growth due to its moisture resistant properties.

When Old Becomes New Again

Vinyl is not a new material; it has been around for at least a century.  However, its use for flooring didn’t happen until 1933.  It was introduced to the public at the Chicago Century of Progress Exposition that year, and was an instant hit as an alternative to linoleum.  

Needless to say, vinyl flooring has come a long way since it was first invented.  Once associated with a dated look, or grandma’s house, modern vinyl is quite the opposite.  Today’s vinyl comes in a multitude of colors, patterns, styles and finishes.  From clever ceramic tile look-alikes to products you can’t distinguish from real timber, perhaps it’s time to revisit the humble vinyl floor. 

What Is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl is a synthetic product.  Typically, it consists of a base layer of fibreglass with a coating of PVC vinyl.  A plasticizer is added to make the product malleable and flexible.  Finally, a printed, embossed surface layer is added to finish the product.  This surface print layer opens up the world of vinyl flooring like never before!  It allows vinyl to be produced in all manner of colors, textures and patterns. 

Benefits Of Vinyl For Your Kitchen Floor

Vinyl is extremely tough and very hard wearing, especially good quality vinyl.  It is hard to rip or tear and doesn’t easily gouge or dent.  It is easy to clean, relatively stain resistant, waterproof, and doesn’t need regular waxing to stay glossy.  Just a quick sweep and mop with a gentle floor soap, and you’re done.  

As kitchen flooring, vinyl can withstand heavy foot traffic from people cooking in the kitchen.  Spills from grease or food that fall on the floor are a no-brainer to clean up.  It isn’t damaged when cooking utensils get dropped on it.  Children running around in dirty shoes don’t leave scuffmarks.  Pets can’t readily scratch it.  Furniture doesn’t leave permanent indents in it.  Moreover, it can be laid over most other types of existing flooring.  That’s a big win-win situation right there!

Speaking of laying, vinyl is easy to DIY with common household tools.  Alternatively, professional flooring contractors can install it, which is probably a better idea. 

The Cons Of Vinyl For Kitchen Flooring

Popular though it is, vinyl does have its drawbacks as well.  It can be slippery when wet and doesn’t offer much in terms of soundproofing or insulation.  Moreover, being so economical to buy and install, it generally doesn’t add much to the resale value of your home.

Installing Vinyl Flooring – Should You Hire Flooring Contractors?

Vinyl flooring installation is easy.  However, it is wise to get professional flooring contractors do it for you.  That way, your kitchen stays safe from any accidents or spills.


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