November 28, 2023

How to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

Everybody must be going through this time where temperature rises instantly than the previous records. It eventually increases the need for the air conditioner to beat the heat every summer. Of course, efficiency in your appliances matters a lot when it comes to their peak season use. Your AC might be working appropriately yet still needs efficiency to decrease the heat for you. Here are a few tricks that help you enhance the efficiency of your AC and enjoy the summer with a relaxing mind.

Clear indoor vents

It’s high time to focus on the maintenance of the airflow in order to beat the hot air of your home. Therefore, you need to unblock and unclog your vents as much as you can. Vacuum your vents’ air filters so that the dust and airborne debris be emptied away before it’s too late. Additionally, try to focus on the things that may block the vents and leads you to compromise on quality and efficiency.

Raise the Thermostat Temperature

Believe it or not, as the temperature rises, so does the thermostat temperature too, to make yourself more comfortable. The indoor air temperature fluctuates throughout the day, and it’s your responsibility to prepare your thermostat beforehand. It does not just keep you away from hot air, but it also leads you to save energy and money. It is how you keep your unit away from overexerting and maintain the temperature throughout the summer season.

Unclog the drain line

There is a drain system of your AC next to the cooling coil that is right above the furnace. If it is clogged for some odd reason, it leads to severe problems for the unit later. There is a way to clear and unclog the drain line by using a cup of chlorine bleach that should be rinsed with water. This chlorine bleach has the tendency to clear and unclog the drain line. It helps your AC to work even more efficiently. All the dirt and debris will be cleared away.

Cover windows and close doors

You should never waste the energy of your unit by keeping the door and window open. Try to cover your room from the extreme level of sunlight so your AC won’t use its maximum energy to bring a cooling effect to you. It eventually results in aging AC quickly. Draw curtains, close windows, and doors, and let the AC work efficiently.

Insulate the Home’s ductwork

If there is any leak problem, you need to inspect the ductwork running through the attic. There is a special kind of duct sealing tape that helps you seal it in case, you see any leakage. Also, contacting professional services for HVAC is essential in this regard who help you pinpoint the issue and repair the leaks more efficiently. Make sure you never avoid insulating the ducts.

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