April 25, 2024

Different Types of Security Fencing

If you’re thinking about installing temporary fencing Santa Teresa NM around your property, you’re probably wondering what kinds of security fencing are available. Steel palisade is known as the premier material for security fencing, but there are also many other options, such as aluminium or wooden fences. These types of fences can be extremely durable and difficult to scale or cut through. Listed below are some of the benefits of each type. Read on to learn more about each one.

Chain link fence

Stainless steel barbed tape is used to create a stronger barrier for the chain link fence. It is also used to anchor the bottom rail into a concrete footing. A gate is a necessary part of chain link fences. It can be hinged, long supported, or any other type of gate you desire. The fence can be topped with greenery to provide privacy and decorative effect. It can increase the value of your property, too.

Steel palisade fence

Designed for security purposes, steel palisade fences come in various styles. They can be either polyester coated or galvanised. Palisade systems range from low security to high security. Their thickness and fixing systems determine the level of protection they provide. There are different styles and materials available to suit different needs and applications. 

Welded mesh fence

Welded mesh fence is a type of steel fencing made of wire strands that are electrically welded together to create a strong, durable mesh. There are two basic types of welded mesh, rigid and rolled mesh. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a rigid or rolled mesh. It will protect your property from intruders, but it won’t look attractive if you don’t choose the right style.

Wooden fence

The wood used to build the wooden fence is not as durable as metal fence. It can be cut through easily with a pair of wire cutters. However, you can make the fence more effective by adding heavier posts or thicker wire. This fence allows intruders to climb it. 

Metal hoarding fence

Hoarding is a type of fence used in the construction industry to separate a site from other areas. This type of fence can also be used for advertising and promotion.The goal of a hoarding fence is to protect the construction site while allowing for advertising on the hoarding itself. These protective structures are typically made of steel, but you can also find them made of other materials.

Precast concrete

Precast concrete fencing offers a variety of aesthetic and functional advantages. The precast panels are manufactured in a factory and then delivered to your property for installation. These panels can be mixed with other materials to create a unique fence. Because the concrete is precast offsite, installation is simple and quick. Handy people or professionals such as DM Security Systems can easily install the panels. You can choose from a range of colours and designs to meet your needs and your budget.

Solid concrete

When constructing a security fence, concrete is the best material for the job. While masonry block is the most common material for security walls, concrete is far superior due to its versatility and strength. Precast concrete fences also have a more rapid installation time than masonry, making them more competitive in many applications.

Electric Fences

An electric fence is a boundary marker that shocks people or animals who attempt to cross it. The shock’s voltage might cause anything from discomfort to death. For optimal electric fence services contact a company such as DM Security Systems to help you with electric fence installation as well as electric fence repairs.

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