April 25, 2024

Brief Guide To Different Types Of Indoor Shutters

With the right style and design of indoor shutters, you can change the look of your house. The good thing about interior shutters is that they can be fit in different types and sizes of windows.

Speaking of shutters, you will come across many different options in the market. But you need to choose a type based on your home requirement. You will find the best shutter styles at Del Mar Interior Shutters.

Let’s check out the different types of indoor shutters you can get for your home. Here is a brief rundown:

    • Plantation shutters

This is the most popular type of interior shutters available out there. These shutters let light flood in when they are open and make your room look bright. The main aspect of plantation shutters is wide louvers. The louver size usually ranges from 2.5 inches to 4.5 inches. Opting for a large louver will give you a better outdoor view.

  • Reclaimed wood shutters

This type of shutter is unique because they are made from repurposed wood. The old texture of the wood is what makes it look more attractive. Each louver is different and together they create the perfect shutter for your home. It is not only functional but also has an aesthetic appeal.

  • Polywood shutters

If you want shutters with a premium look, you should consider opting for Polywood shutters. The speciality of these shutters is that they look vibrant when touched by the sun. They are also available in superior colours that will compliment your home like nothing else.

  • Studio shutters

This is a modern type of indoor shutter featuring a clean style. It makes an amazing choice for people within budget. It looks simple and yet elegant. With modern studio shutters, you can boost the aesthetic appeal of your home, without crossing your budget.

Indoor shutters are flexible window treatments. They are available in a variety of styles, so you can pick the perfect design for all your rooms. Out of all the existing styles, the ones mentioned in the post are the most popular.

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