July 24, 2024

Heat Installer in East Lansing, MI: The Best New Heating Installations When Your Home Gets Rough Winters 

If your home heating unit ages out or unexpectedly breaks, getting a new heating system before the temperature plummets is a top priority. But as you find the right heat installer in East Lansing, MI, it’s the perfect time to think about what kind of new heater your home needs. This is an opportunity to save money, use a better fuel source, and more. So let’s review some of the most popular new heating units homeowners are choosing and why they’re currently such good upgrades.

Smart Zoning

The era of smart thermostats has been here for a while, and if you don’t already have a smart thermostat that can make its own adjustments and use app scheduling, we recommend getting one. However, technology has moved on already, and owners who are getting a new heating system installed should look at smart zoning as well.

Smart zoning simply uses software that can automatically open and close vents or ductwork around the house. That allows heating systems to pinpoint what rooms to warm up first, focusing on the areas where you and your familiar currently are.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps may seem like an odd choice for regions that get very cold winters. These pumps work like air conditioners in reverse during cold times, moving warm air inside the house to heat it up. That process is less efficient when the weather outside is freezing. However, today’s heat pumps are very good at their jobs, and they can operate even in cold climates.

If a heat pump is suitable for your neighborhood’s weather, it comes with a host of advantages. They don’t require fuel, use less electricity than other systems, and can switch to AC during the summer when necessary. It’s an excellent low-energy option for suitable homes.

Natural Gas

When it comes to efficient fuels, nothing beats natural gas. In fact, if it’s been 10 to 15 years or more since you replaced your heating unit, switching to a new natural gas unit is likely to yield some monthly savings in gas use thanks to ever-increasing efficiency.

Of course, natural gas needs infrastructure, and it’s not available in every neighborhood. But you may want to look into related LPG or other gas delivery options as an alternative.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems are an ideal solution if you recently finished a basement or attic or want to add heat to a garage workroom or other location. You don’t need to install expensive ductwork to channel warm air with a ductless system, which can make them more versatile.

Geothermal Units

Geothermal heating units tap into the warmth of the earth to help heat a home, like solar, but in reverse. They aren’t suitable for every area but have found success in many northern U.S. states, especially those with ample basements. Geothermal heating is a big upgrade, and it’s also incredibly efficient, durable, and effective.

Always discuss your options with a professional installer and research what rebates may be available if you invest in an energy-efficient unit. The details of your unique climate and the temperatures you get over winter are always important! With a little study and some great advice from an expert like The Meridian Company, you can get the new technologies and systems that your house deserves.

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