July 24, 2024

8 Simple Habits to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Safe

Your kitchen is one of the important places in your home. It is the place where you stock and prepare your food. Therefore, once or twice monthly, you need to deep clean your kitchen to make sure you maintain its cleanliness.

In this post, we’ll walk you through five tips on how you can keep your kitchen clean daily with less work. Don’t forget to prepare your cleaning materials as well.

1. Keep the kitchen counter clean

The more things you place on your countertops, the more difficult it is to clean. You don’t need to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle. Just ensure that you don’t go overboard with the clutter.

Also, keep in mind that the more stuff you have, the more difficult it is to move. So, make sure that you put things away when you’re done. Have a single spot to place things like mail, and make sure that you go through it at least once daily.

2. Wipe everything down after use

The simple act of wiping tables and kitchen counters with an all-natural disinfectant spray helps you quickly get into the habit of keeping things clutter-free and clean of dirt.

Ideally, all surfaces should be clear, whether you’re preparing food, eating, or even afterward. Doing so allows you to feel lighter and tidier. It also takes less time than waiting and then dealing with things that had already dried on the surface.

At Maid Sailors, (home cleaning services NYC) we always tell our clients that when they leave a thing out, it multiplies. So, make sure to clear the counters and place things where they belong every night. You might want to consider including this as part of your “kitchen shut down” routine.

3. Empty the trash every night

If you want to sustain the cleanliness of your kitchen, don’t forget to unload your trash bins. Ensure that you get rid of the trash that has accumulated over time. That way, the foul odor, dirt, and insects won’t thrive in your kitchen.

Similarly, it would be best if you also had trash bins that are large enough to accumulate your trash for a day or so. Make sure you segregate the recyclables from the others. That way, you can use materials you can use later on for better garbage disposal.

4. Scrub the sink daily

To get rid of unwanted dirt and bacteria, make sure that you wash your faucet and sink regularly. Do you know that your kitchen sink comes with more bacteria than trash cans? Your faucet can also be a bacteria haven.

Therefore, every time you turn it on using greasy, unclean hands, you’re also transferring germs to it. So, every time you turn off the sink, the faucet still transfers some germs right back into your hands.

Clean the faucet and scrub the sink regularly. When cleaning, make sure that you pick a cleaner that also disinfects.

5. Declutter the fridge

When it comes to your fridge, jamming it with food will hinder the circulation of cold air, which will keep the food items in your fridge cold and slow down bacteria growth.

Similarly, it would be best to clean your fridge deep regularly. If you want to maintain a clean kitchen, you need to periodically check for food that’s going bad and leftovers that need to be tossed aside.

Tying this with inventory taking in your grocery trips will remind you to cut down money on wasted food and unnecessary spending.

6. Regularly clean and change your cleaning cloths

To keep your kitchen clean and safe, you need to regularly clean and change cleaning clothes. Dirty, damp kitchen cloths make it a perfect habitat for bacteria.

So make sure that you wash cloths thoroughly, as well as sponges and brushes every couple of days, leaving them dry before using them again.

7. Clean spillages immediately

As we mentioned, it seems like an obvious tip in keeping your kitchen at home clean. However, life is rarely that simple. Spills can be missed, especially if you’re in a hurry.

However, cleaning a spill in the kitchen as soon is much easier to clean than waiting a day later.

8. Pick your cleaning materials carefully

Nothing is more frustrating than having to be interrupted in the middle of your cleaning session either because you aren’t properly equipped with the right tools or because the materials you’ve used didn’t quite work out the way that you expected.

There are times that you might be using natural remedies to get the task done of cleaning the dirt and filth, but sometimes, it won’t work either.

Make sure that you regularly change the cleaning materials that will not disappoint you and thoroughly clean your kitchen.

Over to You

Maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen by following the proper cleaning process that is useful in helping you achieve your goals and the following tips that we’ve mentioned above. Good luck!

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