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A good construction team is a real treasure for every investor. However, despite many offers available, it is not easy to choose the best company.

What should I consider when choosing a construction team? Is a high price always a guarantee of accurate and efficient construction? Here are some of the most important things you need to pay attention to when choosing people responsible for building your house.

Good, which one?

The team you hire should be neither very expensive nor too cheap. A high price does not always guarantee the highest quality. It is best to find the golden mean, find out what the current rates are, ask friends who are building the house, or make a few phone calls to construction companies and compare costs. In addition, the construction team should consist of professionals, reliable and hard-working workers who meet deadlines and value their work more than talking to their colleagues. If you notice behaviour that worries you, do not hesitate to report it to the supervisor of your builders or the building inspector.

He who asks does not err

Reliable information is essential. In order to choose a good team, it is best to ask your friends or family. There is nothing better than using a proven construction team – thanks to that, you can avoid unpleasant surprises such as the “disappearance” of purchased materials from the construction site. Choosing a recommended team is also easier to negotiate the price for services.

Certified team

No one can guarantee 100 per cent satisfaction with the builders’ services. However, it is good if the team you choose can boast of references from other investors. It is also worth looking for opinions on internet forums or checking whether the professionals have certificates issued by some companies producing construction materials or offering specific technologies. Such a document will always be an additional asset confirming that a given team knows its job.

Trust and control

As an investor, you have to remember that “the best eye of the horse feeds the horse”. That is why you should make sure that you come to the construction site from time to time, unannounced. You have the right to do so, and you do not have to explain yourself to the workers, who may be surprised at first. You pay, so you have the right to demand and control. It is also worth hiring a building inspector who knows all the ins and outs of the building art and will control the course of the works and point out the contractors’ mistakes in case of emergency.

Agreement first of all

If the contractor is reluctant to enter into a written construction contract, this should draw your attention. For your safety, it is better to sign a contract for specific works, in which you will specify, among others, remuneration and rules of cooperation. You will also be able to enforce deadlines, and if any defects appear, you will be able to prove that a particular team is responsible for them.

Good construction team

When choosing a construction team, it is worth looking among friends of investors who have already dealt with the construction of the house. Remember to specify your requirements and conditions of cooperation from the very beginning. If you are not satisfied with the work of one team, you can always resign from unreliable contractors and look for another one.

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