April 25, 2024

What cause common drainage problems?

There are things you can do to decrease the effect that precipitation has on your property, even if you may not be able to control when or how much it rains. Without adequate drainage, water may pool in your yard and cause structural problems for your house, harm to plants and flowers, an increase in pests, and an unpleasant, swampy mess. You could have inadequate drainage if:

  • Basement flooding
  • Breeding mosquitoes in puddles of water
  • Dead grass, plants, and trees suffocating/drowning
  • Erosion
  • Wintertime ice buildup on patios and walkways
  • Seven of the most frequent drainage issues on properties will be covered, along with solutions.

Issue No. 1: Inadequately Installed Gutters and Downspouts

Although gutters and downspouts are crucial components of a home’s exterior, problems can arise if they aren’t installed or maintained correctly. The two biggest obstacles are when the leader pipes fail to move water away from the house or when the gutters overflow. Instead, runoff will collect in a pool near the house’s foundation, resulting in issues with the home’s landscape and structure.

To fix, check that all downspouts are pointing away from the house and leading far enough from it. If a drainage system is required to send the water any further, connect these spouts to it.

Cleaning your gutters is much more crucial. Gutter overflow is the main drainage problem that Horizon Landscape encounters. A tennis ball will sometimes be tossed into the air, onto the roof, and plop! it will drop in the gutter. The leader drain will then be covered as a result, causing the gutter to overflow. Additionally, it’s not always simply balls in the gutters. Everything from dead squirrels to bird nests to a buildup of twigs, leaves, and other material clogging the downspout has been seen. The amount that blows about and gathers in the gutters or is dragged there by squirrels and birds searching for a place to nest or conceal food is tremendous.

Grab an umbrella and walk outside during a downpour to inspect your gutters and look for any damp spots around your property to see if they are the problem. This is a fast and simple technique to identify the root of the problem.

Second issue: incorrect grading

In an ideal world, lots are sloped to drain, directing water away from the home and down to the kerb, a catch basin, or a swale. Unfortunately, homeowners, landscapers, and builders often make mistakes that lead to water being trapped or, worse still, flowing towards the structure and into the basement. This soggy issue may be fixed with a new drainage strategy. The approach can include installing drains to catch water and pipe it away, installing subsurface drainage to catch water as it seeps into the ground, or regrading to reroute the water.

Third issue: flee from neighbours

When you reside downhill from neighbouring homes, erosion from higher altitudes is a significant issue. This isn’t really your neighbours’ fault, but you also can’t exactly ask them to stop it either. The greatest thing to do during a rainfall is to observe how the water enters your yard. The water may then be diverted by constructing a berm or swale, or by redirecting it to a catch basin or dry well. An other option is to engage a qualified landscaper to grade large surfaces.

Fourth issue: your landscaping

Although it’s unlikely, it’s conceivable that your efforts may be to blame for the issues. Potential issues include bare soil devoid of plants, a yard that slopes in the direction of your house, or paved surfaces that channel water towards the building. Sadly, not everyone considers these factors while making changes to the house. The important thing is to direct the water in another direction, which may be achieved using French drains or other inventive techniques like gravel and pebbles.

Simply arrange a free, no-obligation appointment with one of our drainage experts, and we’ll be pleased to help you sort blocked drains in Northern Beaches. Call us or use our online form to request a consultation. To arrange a visit to your house, we will  get in touch with you immediately away.

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