April 25, 2024

Investing In Real Estate As A Chamaa

The journey to real estate investment is not an easy task. That is why it is important to join hands with likeminded individuals to achieve your goal. This joining hand in Kenya has been referred to as Chamaa. 

Discipline must be a collective virtue among the members of the chamaa. 

Many Chamaas start with friends or family who trust each other and have a common interest to better themselves.

Here we are going to talk about steps Chamaa should follow whenever it comes to real estate investment.

1. Have a goal. 

The first step in real estate investment as a Chamaa  is to have a set goal which is a defining  destination for the group. These goals differ, short term and long term. Real estate will fall on a long-term goal especially when the group focuses in return on investment (ROI).

2. Research on Real Estate Companies. 

The first thing is to identify which company you want to put your trust on. If you are familiar with companies such as Username investment ltd, you will not have to worry about doing more research. 

The company will thereafter take you through all the properties they have, locations of each, prices, amenities on site and accessibility.

Following are the advantages that comes with using a real estate company to own property. 

1. Security- Most companies have been licensed to operate in Kenya. This will assure you that where you are putting your money is safe and thus avoiding con men and brokers who hike prices for no reason. 

2. Value additions – When you invest using a company like username investment ltd, you will enjoy value additions such as community gated, perimeter fence, borehole, murram roads. 

3. Flexible payment options and discounts – Different companies always allow different payment plans. Sometimes you can own a real estate property by just paying a certain percentage of the total value and the rest in instalments for a period agreed on by the parties. Discount also is likely to be given whenever paid in cash. Other offers such as buying a certain number of plots then getting the other free is also enjoyed here. 

4. No hidden charges Username investment ltd for instance always price its properties to be inclusive of all legal charges, stamp duty and title transfer. When you have paid whatever the price agreed on, you will not have to incur other charges, which most people would be happy to work with. 

5. Free site visits- Most companies offer to take protective investors to view their properties free of charge in order to gain their confidence. 

3. Visit the site 

Many investors have ended up buying rocks and hills or paying for land in the middle of nowhere with no accessibility.

Make sure as a Chamaa, select a group who will visit the site as this will help you in identifying land terrain, the soil type, land accessibility, electricity in the neighborhood, water accessibility and the value additions offered. 

4. Settle on payments terms

Always choose to invest using a company that offers flexible payment options. 

Going for flexible terms will allow the chamaa to go for many other different investment options rather than only one. 

5. Sign offer letter /Agreement letter

This is the most important part during the agreement. Both parties should sign as it will not only act as proof of payment but also act as proof of ownership until the title deed has been processed. 

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