April 25, 2024

How can soft washing techniques help in window cleaning?

Pressure Washing Spring  is an extremely effective way to keep your exterior surfaces clean. Soft washing is a process where the exterior surface of the building is sprayed with a gentle stream of cleaners to clean off dirt and kill bacteria, mold, and mildew. It will make the outside of your home look fresh and new. It is less likely to damage siding and wood and also kills algae, mold, and mildew, keeping the surface clean and clear of discoloration. 

The soft washing technique helps in Zachs window cleaning in the following ways:-

Reduces siding damage: Soft washing is the best process for cleaning windows. The sides of the windows can be fragile. Unlike pressure washing, soft washing will not damage fragile exterior surfaces. Window sidings can be vulnerable to high pressures and heat. Therefore, soft washing will ensure that the siding and wood of the window do not get damaged. 

Eco-friendly: Soft washing process is eco-friendly as it uses biodegradable cleaners and solutions that destroy organisms like termites, moss, lichen, etc., at their root. An eco-friendly solution further avoids damage by scraping, brushing, or using toxic chemicals or high water pressures. This is extremely beneficial for window cleaning.

Increases longevity: Windows are often made up of fragile items like glass. A high-pressure jet might lead to the shattering of glasses. It can also permanently discolor the windows. If the window has wood, then high-pressure washing can permanently damage it too. A high-pressure washing does not clean molds and dirt from the source like soft washing. There is a chance for the molds to grow back. Therefore, using a soft washing process cleans the windows effectively, thereby increasing their longevity.

Keeps your family healthy: If there are mold and mildew growing on the exterior surface of the house, it will affect your windows too. Therefore, it is important to clean it off. These organisms can cause allergies and respiratory problems. There also might be cases where pests like termites, ants, etc., infest and damage the wood of the windows. In such cases, soft washing comes to the rescue as they kill such organisms from the source. This, in turn, keeps your family healthy and free from allergies. 

Soft washing with its eco-friendly treatment will ensure ugly stains are properly removed, leaving your home looking fresh and beautiful. It is the best way to clean delicate and fragile surfaces without causing damage. Soft washing is worth every penny as it will save on costly replacements and repairs in the long run. 

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