April 25, 2024

Common Tips For Fixing Your Troublesome AC

As expected, the arrival of summer has led to increased use of air conditioning. In the summer, air conditioning is a must if you’re like most people. However, occasionally, even the most well-maintained machines need some attention. As a result, we’ve put together this comprehensive manual covering everything from routine maintenance to troubleshooting for your air conditioner. We are here to assist you in fixing any issues with your property, whether it be water leaks, inefficient cooling, or strange noises. If you live near West Palm Beach, Florida, and your air conditioner breaks down, don’t worry; Elite Electric & Air is here to help. West Palm Beach, FL’s AC repair firm has been there and has seen it all.

Heat and humidity that are difficult to tolerate have arrived with the arrival of summer. You’ll probably do whatever it takes to avoid overheating this summer if you’re anything like me. Turning on the air conditioning is one way to deal with the heat. But if your AC is broken or just isn’t doing its job, summer may be a lot more uncomfortable than it needs to be. So that you can stay cool this summer, here are some suggestions for maintaining your air conditioner and fixing it if it breaks.

Preventative Maintenance To Keep You Cool All Summer Long

More and more individuals are turning to air conditioning as the temperature outside climbs. Although air conditioners are a welcome relief from the sweltering heat of summer, they also have the potential to be a source of annoyance and discomfort. Conditioners are notoriously difficult to maintain and are renowned for their pickiness. There are, however, a few easy things you can do to ensure your AC unit continues to function properly. Start by adjusting the filter on a regular basis. Your air conditioner’s filter will need to be replaced more frequently if it becomes clogged, causing the unit to work harder than it should. Second, unless it’s a very hot day, you should try to keep your air conditioner off. Frequently powering on and off the device can wear it out. Finally, once a year, have a professional service your air conditioner. With a little additional TLC, your AC can last through the heat of the summer without skipping a beat.

Fixing an Air Conditioner That Leaks

There could be a number of causes for water to be seeping from your air conditioner. When a unit has problems, the most typical one is that it is not level. Condensate water from an air conditioner can leak if the pan collecting it is not perfectly flat. Shims can be used to level the device and solve the issue. A leaky air conditioner may be the result of a plugged condensate drain pipe. As water accumulates in the condensate drain line, which leads away from the unit, overflows.

First, make sure the power is off. As a next step, the condensate drain pipe needs to be disinfected. When the drain line is no longer needed, it can be disconnected and the buildup cleaned out. If these don’t fix the problem, it’s likely due to a leak in the condenser or evaporator coil. You should get some help from a specialist if this is the case.

Noisy AC Unit Tips

If your air conditioner starts making weird noises, make sure to write down the sounds and pinpoint where they seem to be coming from. This will aid you in pinpointing the source of the problem and devising an appropriate solution. Loose nuts and screws, broken fan blades, and clogged ducts are common contributors to strange noises coming from an air conditioner.

Many of these issues can be fixed by simply checking for loose nuts and bolts, fixing or replacing damaged components, or clearing away any obstructions. If the problem still exists after attempting these steps, you should call an HVAC technician. Their expertise will allow them to rapidly identify the issue and restore air conditioning.

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