November 28, 2023

8 Care Tips To Keep Your Sofa Shining Forever

A decent-sized and comfy sofa is surely a great possession that adds grace to your home and establishes the mood in your living room.  This is a place where family members constantly gather together, play with kids, cuddle with our pets and enjoy the movies and matches lying down on it.  Certainly, this graceful addition to your living room is prone to attract dirt, stains, and spills and get grimy as well.  And this clearly points towards the care, maintenance, and cleaning of sofas to keep them looking like new forever.  No one wants the designer sofa set to look shabby, stained, and dirty.  You may have an exclusive sofa set design; however, effort and time investment are essential to keep it in shape.  Moreover, sometimes wrong or overuse of cleaning products and following wrong practices can be harmful to your sofa.  Regular care and good maintenance are the keys if you want your sofas to last longer and stay young

Whether you have a fabric sofa or leather sofa set, here are some tips for cleaning it and maintaining its grace –

  1. Regular cleaning – No matter what, an inevitable fact is that sofas get dirty, and certainly, this makes cleaning of sofas an essential aspect.  When it comes to maintaining your living room sofa set neat and clean, prefer short but frequent bursts of cleaning work.  Light cleaning every day or every other day is always better than an intensive clean every once in a while.  Rather than cleaning the entire sofa once/twice a year, vacuum it for just a few minutes every day. 
  2. Use the right method and products – Depending on your sofa’s fabric, filling, and structure, the cleaning method may differ.  While cleaning your sofa set, always follow the directions in the manufacturer’s manual or on the care labels.  Treat the material using the right method and product depending on the type of your sofa.  If you have a fabric sofa, you can use fabric protector spray, which will make it waterproof as well as stain and mould-free.  On the other hand, a leather sofa set needs to be moisture-free.  Use a leather conditioner twice a year to maintain its shine.  Never try cleaning products on your sofa blindly.  If you are not aware of cleaning your sofa set, it is better to take professional help.
  3. Protect a sofa – Throws and blankets can be a great addition to your sofas, making it feel cozy as well as a good dirt trapper and blocker.  Just throwing a readymade cover or throw blankets that goes well with your sofa can be an easy way to keep it clean and maintain its charm and durability.  It will work great to protect your sofa by taking in all spills and stains.  Also, you can easily clean a throw blanket in the washing machine.
  4. Pets, odours, and lints – If you have pets, then along with regular vacuuming, you need to use a lint roller or hair magnet brushes to help remove pet hairs.  Using a lint roller once a week can help remove any loose hairs as well as debris stuck to the sofa and give it a cleaner look and feel.  Also, sometimes, scratches, smell, and pee disasters are common for pet owners.  You can also use specially formulated kits/products to tackle stains and odours. 
  5. Keep a stain protector handy – Stains and spills are common in almost every house, and this is especially true if you have kids and pets in your house.  The most common stains are tea, coffee, chocolate, juice, etc.  An easy way is to use throws and cushions so you can tackle stains quickly, as discussed earlier.  If you spill something, you need to address it quickly for the best chance of avoiding a permanent stain.  Use a kitchen paper napkin just to dab the spill.  Never rub the stains as it can push the stain deeper into the fabric.  Then gently clean it with warm water.  Keeping a spray-on stain protector close by is a quick way to tackle stains and keep your sofa neat and clean.
  1. Toss and turn cushions often – You can keep your sofa in good shape just by fluffing and flipping up your cushions.  Dust and spot clean the cushions every day/every other day if possible.  Turn and flip cushions the pillows and cushions at the end of the day.  This will surely help them look plump.  This is very effective, and you will clearly see a remarkable difference by following these steps regularly. 
  1. Reposition your sofa – When it comes to positioning your living room sofa set, avoid placing it nearby large windows as direct sunlight can cause fading.  If you have a leather sofa, avoid placing it nearby the AC unit as it as the drop in temperature can result in dehydration and cause cracks in the sofa. If you plan to throw a party that involves food and drinks, check if you can temporarily shift your sofa set into another room.  If shifting is not possible, use slipcovers throw blankets to protect your sofas from possible stains.  If you need to move your sofa, handle it to avoid tears in the fabric sofa or scratches in the leather sofa set.
  1. Rules for your sofa – You can set some rules for your sofa like no jumping on sofas, no eating on and around the sofa, no pets on sofas, no playing around sofas, no painting activity nearby the sofa, etc.  Also, do not sit on the armrests of sofas.  Food or artificial colors can cause permanent stains that are hard to tackle.  You need to set an example.  If you follow the rules strictly, the rest of your family members will follow you.  Also, avoid sitting in the same spot often; keep shifting where you are sitting each time you use the sofa set.  We usually get used to it but try to change up your position or rearrange your furniture and seating arrangement regularly.  This will let you enjoy the different looks of your living room, as well as help maintain your sofa in good condition.  

A sofa set is a piece of furniture that holds memories of a lifetime.  Just a few simple regular habits and prompt steps, and you would be surprised at a remarkable difference.  Follow the above pointers and your sofa will surely last long and keep sparkling like a new one. 

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