November 28, 2023

What Is an MCCB, and Why Do I Need It?

MCCB is known as a molded case circuit breaker. MCCB is a type of electrical protection device manufactured to protect the electrical circuit from a large amount of current. This electromechanical device protects the circuit from excessive current and short circuits. MCCB can be used for a vast range of voltages and frequencies (50 Hz and 60 Hz). MCCB has an adjustable trip setting and a current rating starting from lowest 15 amperes to highest 2500 amperes, making it suitable for low and high power applications.

Why Is an MCCB Necessary? 

You surely want your place, whether your home or office where electricity is being used, to be safe and don’t want to face any electrical hazard. Here MCCB  proves to be very useful as it protects the electrical circuit whenever current overflow the competence of miniature circuit breakers (MCB). 

MCCB is encased in the molded case making it immune from external factors like dust, rain, chemicals, and oil. MCCB has mainly three functions as a type of electrical protection device:


  • MCCB guards against excessive current 
  • It protects from an electrical fault
  • Switching the circuit( on/off)

How do MCCBs Work?

Here is how MCCB work during its main functions:

MCCB Guards Against Overload: 

when current surpluses or exceeds its adjusted value, MCCB serves its function through the thermal mechanism. MCCB has the temperature-sensitive component known as bimetallic contact. According to the changes in the temperature, bimetallic contact expands or contracts. It allows the current to pass through the MCCB in normal conditions. The bimetallic contact will start to heat as soon as the current reaches above the adjusted trip value and expands until the circuit is interrupted. MCCB is designed to trip in overcurrent conditions to protect appliances and equipment. 

MCCB Protection From an Electrical Fault:

To protect from the electrical fault, MCCB works through electromagnetic induction with instant response. Whether short or long, a fault current should get an instant response and get interrupted immediately. In the case of fault current, the magnetic field gets induced in a solenoid coil located inside the breaker because of extremely high current. The magnetic induction causes the current to get interrupted by tripping a contact. MCCB constitutes internal arc dissipation measures that provide interruption. 

MCCB Manual Disconnection:

MCCB can also work as disconnection switches like any other circuit breaker. In an emergency or maintenance operation, disconnection switches can be used to trip the breaker manually.

In this article, we have learned what MCCB is and why it is necessary in every place where electricity is being used for whatever purposes. Moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB) are an essential component for electrical protection for high voltage applications, and it has adjustable trip settings. Many vendors deal with electrical products, but IndoAsian comes first because of their quality products. The Indian-originated company provides MCCB with different pole types and breaking capacities that are very easy to install.

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