July 24, 2024

What are the 6 methods of commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning Philadelphia provides deep cleaning services to offices, malls, apartments, etc. The cleaning staff here is keen on providing clients with a clean and hygienic environment. For the same, they provide multiple cleaning services like janitorial services in Philadelphia, deep cleaning services in Philadelphia, apartment cleaning services in Philadelphia, and office cleaning services.

In order to provide spotless flooring and dust-free surroundings, these commercial cleaners make use of different processes. Each process requires different resources. The decision of the most suitable resources depends on the place and material that requires cleaning.

A brief list of commercial cleaning services:

Commercial cleaning comprises all the various cleaning services. Some of these services are:

1. Apartment cleaning –

 The working individuals or students living alone barely get the time to clean their place. But this does not mean that they must live in an unhygienic environment. As a result the apartment’s cleaning service provider makes sure that a cleaning team visits the client’s residence at the time provided by the client. The professionals then perform the deep cleaning activities and hand over to you a clean house to enjoy your days. 

2. Office cleaning –

 Because the office is a place where people from different areas come together to work, hygiene is important. Offices if not clean can become a hub of infections. Clearly, this is the reason why commercial cleaning companies provide various cleaning packages for offices. They make it a point that every corner of your workplace is fresh and clean.

3. Janitorial cleaning –

 Dirty washrooms are home to various bacteria and viruses. While only family members use the washrooms at home, in offices different people are sharing the same washroom. Because of this reason, hiring staff for janitorial services becomes an essential duty. 

Different cleaning methods:

As mentioned above, the different cleaning activities require the use of different procedures. Sometimes more than one procedure has to be used for deep cleaning of a particular area. The commercial cleaning service providers mainly use six different cleaning processes, these are:

1. Rotowash – 

Be it a carpet or an escalator, the rotor wash method is suitable for both. In this method, the cleaners use equipment with rotating brushes and vacuum cleaners. The rotating brushes lift the dust stuck in the depth of the carpets and escalators. Simultaneously the vacuum cleaner sucks the dirt and gives you a clean, dirt-free carpet and escalator. The rotor wash method works well on things where a lot of dust accumulation takes place. Just one process using rotowash gives you a clean result in a short while.

2. Truck-mounted steam cleaner –

 The truck-mounted steam cleaner is perfect for furniture and carpet cleaning. Commercial cleaners use this method in office cleaning or carpet cleaning of apartments. To begin with truck-mounted steam cleaners, proper vacuum cleaning is a must. Once the vacuum cleaning is complete, the cleaners then use chemicals, high-pressure water, and suction techniques for complete dust removal. This method is commonly available with numerous commercial cleaning companies. The results of truck-mounted steam cleaners are reliable but still require proper professional knowledge. 

3. Deep extraction –

 This method suits carpet and fabric cleaning. The aim of using deep extraction is to get rid of dirt, dust, and stains from the toughest corners as well. For cleaning using deep extraction, the cleaning agents and conditioner are directly applied to the surface. This application leaves behind a residue. The residue cleaning is complete using vacuum suction. It is an easy-to-use method. As a result, it has become the go-to method for commercial cleaners. Carpet cleaning or any type of fabric cleaning is incomplete without the process of deep extraction. Individuals also sometimes prefer to keep the deep extraction equipment at home for effective and efficient home cleaning.

4. Encapsulation – 

The encapsulation method classifies under the dry methods of cleaning. Usually, the equipment for encapsulation is big in size. Hence, it is not very common to use in the cleaning industry. Only the big commercial cleaners usually use encapsulation for executing the dry cleaning processes. To begin with encapsulation, the first step is to spread deep cleaning compounds on the carpets. These compounds are dissolvable. Hence they combine with the dust and dirt present on the rugs to form crystals. The crystals are vacuumed to then provide customers with a clean carpet.

5. Steam cleaning –

 A major reason for the popularity of steam cleaning is its cost-effectiveness. This process is easy to use and is absolutely environment-friendly. Steam cleaning uses high-temperature steam for oil and dirt removal from surfaces. Afterward, normal vacuuming is done to get rid of any residue.

6. Floor maintenance – 

Maintaining tiled floors is never an easy task. It uses various machines for scrubbing, buffing, and polishing. A person alone can never perform the floor maintenance process with absolute effectiveness. Commercial cleaners are the best for floor maintenance processes. They are well-equipped and provide visible results. 

Ending Note:

To conclude, if you are a cleanliness freak but do not get the time to clean your space, then commercial cleaning can be your savior. Be it your office or home, a clean surrounding is a stress buster. So, if you have been searching for someone who can help you with your cleaning job then don’t forget to search for a commercial cleaning company.

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