July 12, 2024

Ways to Update Your Home for Aging Loved Ones

Getting older is a natural part of life that we all have to be accustomed to eventually. Although it does not change us completely, it can hinder a lot of our independence. For many, this can offer to result in them needing to find new living arrangements. To avoid going to a nursing home or other assisted living facility, a lot of aging adults are moving in with their adult children.

This can be both a blessing and an obstacle for some. While you might love having your parents close by, you might be nervous that your home needs to be set up correctly to help them. However, there are plenty of devices out there that you can utilize to make life easier for everyone in the household, no matter their age or ability.

Stair Lifts

Aging can lead to issues in the joints and bones, as they tend to weaken over time. This can make tasks like going up and down stairs feel painful. Even worse, if not careful, an older individual is prone to falling. If you currently have small children, their toys could block pathways, which makes this more likely.

Depending on the individual’s disabilities or level of need, they could benefit from a chair lift. Attached to the handrail, this seat lets them go up and down different stories of the home by simply pressing a button or remote that moves them along a guided path.

Walk-In Tubs

As you may expect from the fact that steps can be a challenge, trying to step over the edge of the bathtub is just as much of a problem. Not only can it be high, but it can also be risky because of the tub’s slick surface. Bathrooms are one of the most common places where older people become victims of falls.

Walk-in tubs will reduce this problem instantly. Depending on who installs this, you can also opt for an anti-slip tub for maximum effect. To make things more comfortable for your older loved one, consider adding a shower seat so that they can sit down while they bathe themselves. It also gives them something to teach themselves as they leave the tub.

Smart Toilets

Using the toilet is one of the most mundane yet necessary tasks we complete on a daily basis. Even though we never really think anything of it, relieving ourselves is complex for some people. Whether it be trying to wipe or sitting on a cold toilet bowl, some older individuals might require assistance. However, asking someone for help can be embarrassing, and they still want their independence.

To allow them their freedom and comfort, look into a new and innovative toilet like the Swan S Pro from Swan Toilets. Everything about this toilet bidet combo is hands-free, requiring a simple remote to take on every part of the process. Your older loved ones will not have to worry about trying to wipe when they have shaky hands because the bidet will spray them and air dry them clean. They won’t even have to lift the lid, as the Swan S Pro’s sensors know when to open and shut.

As an added bonus that you will love, as well, the Swan S Pro also comes with a seat warmer that has temperature control. Some individuals may need to sit on the toilet longer than others so that they may do so with comfort! An experience that was once a struggle will now have them feeling like royalty.

Look Into Government Programs

Even though you can accommodate your home to meet the needs of your loved ones, it can become a hefty investment. Thankfully, there are assistance programs that some people can take advantage of. This could give them access to items like canes or wheelchairs, along with installations like handrails.

Although the Swan S Pro does not fall under this category, financing for the device is better than you think. In fact, Swan Toilets has an option so that you can pay as little as $70 a month. They want you and your loved ones to benefit from a smart toilet now instead of making you wait and save up for months.

Having your parents or other aging loved ones live with you is a fantastic way to continue and build your relationship with them. Show them how much they truly matter to you by ensuring that your home is accessible and safe at all times. Start with one of the more commonly used areas, like the bathroom, by installing a Swan S Pro toilet.

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