July 12, 2024

Ways to brighten your Bathroom With Rugs


You may have never considered bathroom rug ideas but they are a great way of adding a soft touch to any bathroom space. Whether a rug is required for a cloakroom or bathroom, there’s an exclusive range of sizes, materials, and designs.

Some Recommendations Regarding The Use Of Bathroom Rugs

Before sharing unique bathroom rug ideas, let’s shed some light on the recommendations regarding their usage;

One of the most important keys to consider while choosing a bathroom rug is practicality. For such places, a washable rug should be used that can be cleaned easily. However, we are not saying you to sacrifice style over practicality. Indeed, as such areas are moist, it’s recommended to go for a rug made from synthetic, water-resistant materials. Another important thing before laying a rug into the bathroom is to fit an underlay so that it will not slip on hard floors.

Unique Bathroom Rug Ideas

  1. Bring Elegance With A Floral Design

For larger bathrooms, rugs with floral prints would work well. You can choose these designs in pastel and oft neutral shades to bring elegance.

  1. Choose A Rug For A Country Bathroom

One of the quickest ways to liven up a country bathroom is to opt for a colorful geometric rug. It will make your bathroom space more inviting.

  1. Use A Synthetic Rug For Your Wet room

As we’ve discussed earlier that water-resistant, synthetic rugs are ideal for wet rooms. But it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on rustic style. Today, the market is flooded with a huge range of design options that mimic the look of natural fibers.

  1. Double Up On Pattern

Another great bathroom floor idea is a vinyl rug. It is a practical yet stylish solution for such spaces as they combine the look of stone, natural wood, and tiles. One of their greatest benefits is their easy laying and cleaning. An ornate vinyl rug with a decorative patchwork tile design will bring individuality to any bathroom space.

  1. Select A Rug That Can Bring A Vintage Feel 

Looking for vintage bathroom ideas? Why not opt for an antique rug? An antique Persian-style rug contrasting with pale walls can become the center of attraction and make the space feel homely and quirky.

  1. Bring Simplicity With A White Rug

If you want to bring a spa-like luxury to your bathroom, a classic, plush white rug would work well. No doubt, it is a brilliant rustic idea one can go for!

What Kind Of Bathroom Rug You Should Go For?

For bathrooms and other moist areas, using washable rugs or those made from water-resistant, synthetic materials are highly recommended. This is because they are easy to clean and less likely to be damaged by splashes. As compared to deep pile rugs, low pile bathroom rugs are much better because they are less likely to trap dust and dirt particles.

Did you guys find this blog interesting? We hope you have now a better understanding of the bathroom rug ideas!

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