June 21, 2024

The Most Effective Techniques for Scrubbing and Unclogging Toilets

Toilets are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear because they are one of the most frequently used household products. Clogging is one of the most common problems we confront. If a little blockage, such as a clog, is not cleared properly, it might evolve into a major obstacle, such as an overflow or full failure. Even when a blockage is at its worst, it may be removed with a few simple steps.

If DIY alternatives do not work, you may need to employ a plumber. Maximum Plumbing in Florence, KY, has provided a wide range of plumbing services. You are welcome to call their emergency services at any time of day or night.


This is the most popular and successful way of unclogging a toilet. Almost everyone has a plunger with them. Plungers may frequently release blocked accumulation by creating a high suction and dislodging the deposit, making flushing easier. It is rarely required, although it generally solves most problems. Plungers perform best when forcefully pushed up and down.


More specialist tools, like as an auger, are occasionally required to unclog a toilet. A long metal wire with a corkscrew tip on one end is a frequent material for auger construction. Insert an auger into the drain and work your way up to the trapped mass of waste in the clogged toilet. To flush anything into the main sewage stream, move the cable with the lever. Even though this process is simple and effective, it may take some time if the drain is truly stopped.

Boiling Water

Running hot water via the drain to unclog a toilet is unusual. This approach is efficient because pipe clogs may be easily removed by washing them away once they have been freed and loosened by hot water. Boiling water is another quick and easy way to remedy toilet problems for individuals who need it right away.

Things You Shouldn’t Dump Down Your Toilet

Toilet paper and rubbish are the only materials that should be flushed down the toilet. Tissues and other soft things can still be degraded. Some people are easily duped and will flush nearly anything. Use caution when flushing the following items:

  • Women’s hygiene goods
  • Diapers
  • Toothpaste
  • Baby wipes

Some things may be too huge or tough to dissolve in water to flush. If they become stuck in your toilet, you may need to remove them by hand.

Lavatory Sanitation

Along with being cautious about what you flush, you should clean the drains in your toilet on a regular basis. This will keep a buildup from occurring. This is simple to perform with a normal toilet cleaning solution, or you can develop a more natural treatment by combining baking soda and apple cider vinegar. When you call Maximum Plumbing for a clogged toilet, they will also help you with drain maintenance!

Contact Maximum Plumbing in Florence if you are experiencing toilet troubles. There is no need to be embarrassed because clogged toilets occur sometimes. Everything has been handled by this staff. As a result, they can deal with everything swiftly.

Don’t allow a minor issue to cause you undue concern. Contact Maximum Plumbing if you are unable to handle the problem on your own.

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