July 12, 2024

The Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains

When it comes to plumbing, a clogged drain may be one of the most aggravating issues. Water accumulates in your sink as you try to figure out what’s wrong. While certain clogs are beyond our control, such as damaged piping, there are other typical blunders that individuals make that produce a backlog. When one of these problems arises, you may contact a reliable plumber like C. Woods Plumbing to get your drains cleaned quickly. Their 24-hour emergency services in Tyler, TX, allow you to contact them anytime or at night.


Have you ever had leftover bacon grease from cooking breakfast? What more can you do with it besides flush it down the toilet? While this may appear to be a safe method of disposing of cooking oil, fat may quickly collect in pipes, causing a blockage. As the grease congeals, it traps food scraps and other debris, forming a clog. Furthermore, grease impedes the flow of water via pipes, resulting in slow drains and backups. To avoid these problems, pour used cooking oil into a container and dispose of it in the garbage.


When you brush your hair, you may believe that everything gets caught in the brush, but a lot of it ends up in the sink. The same holds true when shaving in front of the mirror. Instead of flushing it down the drain with the water, consider cleaning it out with a paper towel and disposing of it in the trash to avoid clogging your pipes. Do you want to have to take out a wad of damp hair later?

Clogged Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal may be quite useful. They can break up any leftover food that has accumulated on our plates. They shouldn’t get clogged because they break this stuff down, right? That is not correct. Garbage disposals are made to break down minute pieces of food waste, such as eggshells. Some individuals toss in tougher garbage, such as fruit pits or animal bones. When you turn on your disposal while these are down the drain, you are generating a blockage and possibly damaging your disposal.

Soap Scum

Using the wrong kind of soap can also cause drain blockages. Even though the soap is meant to clean, it might leave a sticky residue that collects and causes obstructions over time. To avoid this problem, use liquid soap instead of bar soap and thoroughly rinse away any soap residue after washing.

Cleaning Out Your Drains

In some cases, you can unclog a drain on your own. You can try to clear them with a plunger or purchase non-abrasive cleansers from the shop. However, for more serious issues that you are unable to resolve, such as your garage disposal, you should seek the assistance of a plumber.

Since 1956, C. Woods Plumbing has been the preferred option for Tyler, Longview, and Jacksonville, TX homeowners with plumbing problems. They have you covered whether it needs hydro jetting or completely disconnecting the drain. You may even get $35 off any of their services if you call them right now!

No one is flawless, and we all make mistakes from time to time when it comes to disposing of certain goods properly. However, you can keep your drains clear with a little planning and effort.

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