June 21, 2024

The Best Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency With a New Heater

When temperatures drop, and you have to keep your heating system running round-the-clock, saving money might be challenging. Most of our energy and fuel expenses are related to heating systems, which typically use the most energy in the colder months. It is more complicated than just turning the system off. You must have a heating system that is efficient first and foremost. Then, you need to use a few strategies and recommendations in order to maintain efficiency.

The first step is easy. Contact Postma Heating & Cooling if you need a trustworthy heating services in Chatham-Kent, ON. Our experts will assess your needs and provide recommendations for the greatest fit for your house. You can count on our knowledgeable professionals to provide efficient and trustworthy service.

How to Increase Your Heater’s Efficiency

Find Out How Efficient Your Thermostat Is

The simplest simple strategy to cut your energy consumption is to utilize a programmable thermostat. Depending on your thermostat, you may program schedules for day and night, weekends and weekdays, or subtle alterations throughout the day.

Spending money on a smart thermostat that you can use from anywhere is even better. This is perfect for those days when you are rushing out the door and can’t remember whether you turned it down or not. To increase the effectiveness of your new heater, ask Postma Heating & Cooling about programmable thermostats and other strategies.

Consider Reducing the Temperature

The Department of Energy advises keeping the temperature at roughly 68°F as long as it is comfortable for the whole family if you genuinely want to save money. This is sometimes difficult, for instance, when there are children or elderly persons present. Think about what setting to use while you are gone or sleeping. You may reduce your temperature by 10°F and save 5–10% on your energy costs.

Avoid shutting off the heating system if you will just be gone for a short while. The heater consumes more energy than it would if you had just kept it on since it might take some time to get the home back to a comfortable temperature.

Find Other Heat Sources

Use the outdoors while the sun is shining. Open the blinds to let the light in. In addition to lighting up your house, it will also give you some much-needed uplifting energy. Think about how you feel when it’s sunny outside. The sun’s rays are necessary for our bodies to feel healthier.

Under your sweatshirt, put on another layer, such as a long-sleeved shirt. You may also curl up on the sofa with some blankets for warmth. Cover the windows with plastic to keep the heat inside if your rooms are drafty.

Consider Insulating

After Postma Heating & Cooling installed a new furnace, are you considering your insulation? Seal any air leaks to maintain the heat within. Make an investment in insulation for your attic and crawlspaces as well. When it comes to insulation, more is better. Along with the plastic solution discussed above, caulk and weather stripping also aid in sealing any potential air leaks that may form around windows and doors. Big box retailers typically have kits to aid you in this area.

Make a Call to Postma Heating & Cooling Right Away to Install a Heater

Give Postma Heating & Cooling a chance to assess your home’s requirements right now. Our specialists may visit your house and provide you with an upfront price for a plan that satisfies your needs. Unbeknownst to you, a new heater alone may greatly increase your energy efficiency. Your new heater will reduce your utility costs in tandem with the other ideas mentioned above.

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