July 24, 2024

Stone Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops Long Beach Township, an important part of the decision for material comes down to how much use it will get and how much maintenance you are willing to do. Different materials have different requirements to properly look after them including cleaning directions and things like sealing. When you know whether the materials are more prone to things like color fading, scratching, absorbing fluids or scalding then you can better decide on what will meet your needs. A popular option for bathrooms and kitchens is natural stone. Here we will focus on marble and then general stones other than granite.

Exploring marble

Marble is a popular option mostly because of how attractive it is. It is a high-end material so you pay more for it. There are two types you can choose om honed or polished. Polished is shiny with a protective surface and honed has a matte look and is porous. If looking to have marble kitchen countertops Point Pleasant but need something more affordable you could look at marble tiles rather than slabs.

Pros and Cons

  • It is a durable material
  • It has a long lifespan
  • It is very beautiful with unique patterns
  • It is heat-resistant
  • It is resistant to breaks or cracks
  • It is a luxurious option

X     It needs to be sealed at least once a year  

X     It is more expensive

X     It is more prone to acid stains   

 X     it is also prone to scratching and etching  

Cleaning and care

Compared to other materials and other natural stones this is a high-maintenance choice. You will need to properly look after it when cleaning and re-deal it to keep up its appearance.


You can get all kinds of colors and patterns and veining so there is a lot to be said for how it looks. However, the more popular a type or look is, the more expensive it is. Whites and greys are especially admired and recently more people are drawn to more bold colors in the veins.

Exploring general natural stones

There are more stones that can be used as kitchen countertops Long Beach Township as the above marble or the very popular granite. Other popular options include slate, limestone, lava rock, soapstone, quartzite and travertine but there are more. Most look great but need some extra care.

Pros and Cons

  • They are resistant to heat
  • They are very attractive
  • They have a longer lifespan as long as they are properly maintained
  • They are durable and hardy
  • Some are naturally antimicrobial

X     They can be harder work to maintain  

X     They may need frequent waxing or sealing

X     They can be on the higher end for pricing

Cleaning and care

They need to be cleaned with mild soap and pH balanced water. As many are porous they need sealing or waxing at least once a year.


Appearance varies depending on the stone, but a lot of people are drawn to a natural look when it comes to things like patterns, veining and texture. Different ones are more suited to being kitchen countertops Point Pleasant depending on the properties they have.

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