July 12, 2024

Methods to Make Sure Home and Commercial Sites are Pest-Free

When proper sanitation and maintenance are taken to the house, there will be fewer chances that homes get affected by pests. To prevent or eradicate the pests from home there are many commercial pest control services that can do justice to the time and money along with the quality.

Few companies are for residential pest control while few are for commercial pest control. And few offer both of them. The pest control should be based on the type of pest that is there in the problem location and depending on that they should take preventive measures.

Differences between commercial pest control and residential pest control

  1. It is okay and easy to vacate a family from a residence and carry on with the pest control in case of the residential pest control. But for commercial ones, it is not possible to shut down the whole business and relocate them whenever required. So because of this, the commercial pest control services will be fast and quick.
  2. Commercial pest control should devise plans depending on the type of pests that are found as there can be different types of work they are doing there. But for homes, most homes get the same type of pest issues and the plan to remove them will also be the same for all the houses.
  3. The measures they take will prevent the pest issues for a long time as they will be more experienced. They have to deal with custom pest issues and hence they will have more experienced measures.
  4. The type of pests that are seen in residential homes will be bed bugs and ants whereas in commercial there are more cases of rats and cockroaches.

Things to cross-check before finalizing the pest control service company

  1. It is better to check for how many years they are staying there as they should have an idea of what types of pests are common in that specific area.
  2. It is good to check the list of references and then proceed with the commercial pest control services.
  3. It is better to check the credentials and the license of the applicator or the technician who is going to perform the pest control.

Necessary precautions and instructions to follow during and after the pest control

Most ideally the service provider will give few instructions and it is better to follow them to have a safe and secure pest removal.

  • It is recommended to remove and store all the household items in the area where the treatment is going to take place.
  • The pesticide spray has to be dried and as it takes some time, children and pets should not be allowed to roam in that area until the pesticide is completely dried out.
  • If there are any aquariums at the treatment site, they also have to be removed.


There are many types of pest controls involved. Some of them include a chemical method, biological pest control, Electronic pest control, and finally physical care. The type of pest control will depend on the type of the pests and the location of the infected area. If it is an area where chemicals are not recommended, the biological way is best.


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