July 12, 2024

Is it Safe to Use a Massage Chair Every Day?

A busy and tiring day out at work will always need a soothing end at your favorite corner of your house. A massage chair is a perfect fixture to be added to relax after a long day. But is it safe and advisable to turn on the massage chair and settle yourself down in it every day?

Never worry. We will provide you with a clear answer to every single question on your mind.

Why a Massage Chair?

It is certainly impossible for you to step out of your house every day to reach a gym or spa and spend time and money to get a massage. An answer to make your life easier and more comfortable is the massage chair. A massage chair is an effective fixture that you can own to relax and also to instantly relieve aches. The pressure exerted by the chair will help you push the tension away from certain body parts. The best massage chairs come with huge health and mental benefits.

1.  Health benefits

A massage chair is a single machine to relax your body from head to toe. Shoulders, neck, arms, hands, upper back, lower back, legs, and feet are all benefitted from sitting in a massage chair. One of the major benefits of owning a massage chair is its aid in reducing the lower back ache. You can consider sitting in this comfortable chair in addition to the medications and physiotherapies. Acupuncture can hurt you and cause a little pain whereas while sitting in a massage chair you won’t experience any discomfort. Owners of massage chairs have said that these chairs have helped them in reducing their headaches. It also helped them sleep peacefully after a heavy workout in a gym by helping them relieve all the cramps. It also empowers the immune system and lowers blood pressure. It helps to keep your heart healthy by balancing their rates.

2.  Mental benefits

Massage chairs are related to a person’s psychology as well. Taking back stress and tension from the workspace has become a daily routine for most people. Mood swings are quite a common term heard everywhere. Your mind can be calmed down with the aid of a massage chair. It helps you to keep your mind and body in balance which is outrightly essential for a good life. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can be reduced with the help of a massage chair.

If you are looking to invest in a massage chair, scroll through to know the types that are available in the market.

  1. Traditional massage chair

These variants are the basic options available in the market. It allows for easy access and also can be ported without any hardship. Most of the traditional chairs offer relaxation to the neck and lower back only.

  1. Robotic massage chair

Motors and gears are set up in the chair for easy functioning and to provide maximum comfort. Advanced features are offered by the robotic chairs such as rollers that replicate the therapy by a masseur.

  1. Air massage chair

The back frame of the chair inflates and deflates to provide relaxation. Airbags are installed in prominent places to provide a swinging motion.

  1. Vibration massage chair

Concentrated vibrations are observed throughout your body in the chair. They offer you a sense of relaxation.

Can I Use A Massage Chair Every day?

  1. If you are a fresher who is new to a massage chair, it is highly advisable to use it for 15-20 minutes twice or thrice a week. At this frequency, your body will slowly adapt to the vibrations and exertion of tension
  2. If you are a person regularly using a massage chair, you can relatively spend around 15 minutes twice a day. Make sure there is a time gap between the two sessions
  3. The time of the day also matters. It is advisable to relax in the massage chair for 15 minutes every morning to make you feel fresh and step out for the day. A tiring day after work can also be eased with the help of a massage chair
  4. The intensity of muscle aches also decides if it is right for you to sit in a massage chair every day. Those who are recovering from surgery should always get advice from the doctor. Make sure to get clear instructions from your before you schedule your massage timings. If you are looking for recreation or relaxation, a nominal time of 15 minutes is more than enough

Effects Of Overuse

  • Using a massage chair for more than the recommended duration can induce pain in the muscles and can cause the severity of muscle problems. Inflammation of muscles and cramps can also be the result of over-usage. A sense of discomfort and irritation also arises when you use them for a longer duration. It can damage your tissues as the vibration is consistent
  • Overuse of massage chairs can damage the batteries and also affect the lifetime of the machine


Proper usage of a massage chair will help you reap all the benefits. Now that you have a proper understanding of how to use a massage chair, step forward and schedule your next relaxing session. If you are not sure which one to buy, you can head to Reclinergenius.com. You will find all the information to help you make the best purchase.






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