July 12, 2024

Getting New Kitchen Countertops to Breathe New Life into Your Kitchen

Do you want to remodel your kitchen but do not have the budget for a major renovation? If so, you can give your kitchen a facelift when you invest in new countertops. A countertop installation is an affordable way to update an old kitchen. If what you can afford is just to update a kitchen feature, a new countertop is an economical way to remodel your space. 

New countertops, especially Kitchen Wholesalers granite countertops, can breathe new life into your kitchen workspace. They can create a new colour scheme and a focal point. You can pick from different kinds of countertops such as the following:


Granite countertops are made of feldspar and quartz, although they can also contain other minerals, offering every slab a unique look. Granite does not blister and resist heat, which makes it a luxury option for counters. Also, it is stain-resistant and features an appealing beauty. You can have the edges of granite countertops bevelled, rounded, or curved. Kitchen design experts must perform this delicate work.

Although granite is moisture-resistant, it is porous. You should not use acidic or harsh cleaning agents when you clean granite countertops because they can eat away at their sealant and damage the stone. Spills need to be cleaned right away, so the material does not get stained. When stained due to a spill, a kitchen renovation expert can apply a poultice to pull out the stain and re-polish your countertop. 


Countertops made from quartz feature both beauty and strength. Although they can resist high temperatures, they can be quickly damaged by temperature changes. Also, quartz countertops can resist stains for a while; however, any spills on them must be cleaned right away.

Solid Surface

Often, solid surface countertops can be designed with a lot of patterns and colours. They can be made to mimic natural stone patterns. Because they are non-porous, they won’t promote bacterial or mold growth. Although they do not resist staining and scratching, it is easy to remove stains and scratches on them. 


Laminate countertops are quite durable and easy to clean or maintain, offering a stunning surface for less money than other countertop materials. Installing laminate countertops is an economical way to give an outdated kitchen some colour and design. You can find laminates in a lot of colours and graphic patterns. Some of them are made to look like granite and slate with rich veins.

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